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Recent content by MadderAdder

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    News Zootopia+ comes to The Animation Experience at Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Do they stick with one IP for this experience or rotate?
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    News Several character meet and greets to be cut at Walt Disney World as labor shortage continues

    I wonder if reintroducing dining characters and Fantasmic! has impacted this, hopefully temporarily?
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    Where can I go for positive news?

    OLC is all the good and imagineering Disney used to have…
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    All Star Sports

    That’s so cute! How is the room?
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    Can I use unused tickets from 2002?

    I think you would get monetary credit toward new tickets. Worth calling/asking. What a neat find!
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    Would you go 9/10-9/15/2023 or 10/22-10/27/2023?

    Howdy! I am planning my first trip back to WDW after 10+ years and, for my partner, it's been 15+ years. We’re turning thirty next year! We probably won't go back for another ten years.... so planning is both really fun and a little stressful! Just wondering, hoping to seek some good advice, on...
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    What has happened to the place we (used to) love?

    It’s not common anymore. It is insensitive.
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    How would you feel about a new aquarium at AK?

    To further go with Moana, sure. 😛
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    News D23 Expo 2022

    They’re definitely rides…
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    Chapek's comments - he doesn't want anyone on this board at WDW any more

    I have a feeling couples spend a lot on food and drink (!!) though.
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    Tokyo Disney has cracked down on Disney Vlogging, would you want the US parks to follow suit?

    People have nothing better to do for free than read their own opinions. :)
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