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  1. lnsemsf

    News Spitting camel at Carpets of Aladdin has been removed

    The fact they closed the walkway around the ride and have people guarding it makes me wonder if something fell in to the path. It’s obviously not just the ride that’s the problem.
  2. lnsemsf

    News Spitting camel at Carpets of Aladdin has been removed

    Does anybody know why Magic Carpets has been closed for at least 2 days and the pathway around it by the Jungle Cruise is roped off and guarded by CMs?
  3. lnsemsf

    News Fastpass and DAS down 5-25-18

    I came I’m at 4ish and the CMs seemed flustered but prepared for it. There weren’t arguments or anything, but I could tell they were just going with the flow and letting whatever happened happen. When I was at Guest Relations the line was out the door and around the corner and a guest walked out...
  4. lnsemsf

    News Fastpass and DAS down 5-25-18

    I was told at flight of passage that if you currently have a pass it SHOULD work but booking new ones is hit or miss.
  5. lnsemsf

    News Fastpass and DAS down 5-25-18

    I just got to Animal Kingdim And was told that fastpass and the accessibility service is down this afternoon. It was working at Epcot about 3pm so it’s recent. There seems to be lots of questions as to the extent of the malfunction. I’ve seen some people be able to use passes and others have...
  6. lnsemsf

    Finding Nemo: The Musical closing for 2 weeks in February 2018

    Just a heads up to any fans of the show, there will be no performances from Feb 4-18, 2018.
  7. lnsemsf

    News 2018 Epcot Festival of the Arts dates revealed

    The first festival was a TREMENDOUS success. I know one of the featured artists and he said that they had met their sales goals in the first weekend that they had for the entire festival. 7 days a week only makes sense, and it should be even more successful than last year. I just hope they'll...
  8. lnsemsf

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    And a "good" attraction was all the tower of terror there was, not great like Florida. Guardians is far more fun and it's definitely brought energy to that rose that it lacked before. I spend about 40-60 days at Disneyland a year, but live in Florida so having a unique fun ride instead of a dull...
  9. lnsemsf

    News Disney Not Renewing Great Movie Ride Sponsorship Deal with TCM ; Attraction to Close

    Every time I rode it the lines was far longer than Tower. The people getting off were smiling and laughing and enjoying the ride far more than I ever saw on their sub par Tower. It hardly is a failure and I'd say it's leaps and bounds better than what was there before and gives them a unique...
  10. lnsemsf

    WDW To Enforce FP+ Rules

    I've never been early (for anything in my life in fact) but I have been let in late. It depends on the CM. If the reason is my own fault, I accept it and skip the pass, but for example the time when trying to get to Magic Kingdom it took me nearly an hour from parking to entering the park when...
  11. lnsemsf

    Magic Water?!?

    It literally is when I need to be discrete.
  12. lnsemsf

    Mission:Space update (confirmed)

    The official refurbishment calendar that Disney publishes for travel agents has now changed to an open ended date. When they say TBD it means that they do not have a handle on how long the delay is going to be. Don't expect it to be open for your trip.
  13. lnsemsf

    RUMOR: WDW purposely restricting FOP fastpasses

    I don't think you're making any sense. If you restrict the number of fastpasses per hour then you increase the standby flow through, which reduces the wait time. Now no matter what FOP is going to have large waits because it's the new must do attraction. There's not really a way to artificially...
  14. lnsemsf

    Large Piece Falls off Monorail - Being Evacuated

    Robb was at a friend's wedding. I was given all sorts of rules, most notably "Don't tell him you go to Disneyland, he HATES people that love Disneyland" among others. My friend eventually planned a trip with some other people he became friends with from Theme Park Review, and Robb banned him and...
  15. lnsemsf

    WDW To Enforce FP+ Rules

    They will work for certain things. The batteries die quickly (I've never had one make even 18 months and I have had 6) and without the battery anything requiring long range won't work. No photos or on ride video will be automatically added and you won't see your name or other info appear in the...
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