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    Trip Report Happy Haunts Materialize and Begin to Sanitize - October 2020 TR

    The picture is of Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue bonnet. I had the record and accompanying story (which really ages me).
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    Trip Report Tales From the Two Goofs Vault

    Durango is beautiful! If you want to see some of the most awe inspiring scenery, take a ride on the narrow gauge railroad. Truly amazing!
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    Trip Report We Came, We Rose, We Resisted: A February Break Adventure

    Great report! In a few years the marathon bus trip will become a legend in the family! I still share all the goof ups of trips we took when I wad young with my own kids.
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    Pre-Trip Two Vets set to drag 2 first timers through the world! Project Niece and Nephew Part 1

    My picky eater loved Chef Mickeys for breakfast for the meet and greet...but didn’t eat much at all. So it depends on if you want them to eat or just have a fun experience. I think some of the buffets that are more expansive (like Bomas) give you more of an opportunity to find something you...
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    Pre-Trip Two Vets set to drag 2 first timers through the world! Project Niece and Nephew Part 1

    My daughter is an extremely picky eater at age 16. We’ve had success at Bomas and to a lesser extent Biergarten.
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    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    For those who have FOP problems, bring some ginger root pills down. I was worried because I had some problems with the Harry Potter ride a few years back. Ginger root is a natural supplement for motion sickness. Took a pill an hour before and had no problems at all!
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    Trip Report Magical MAYhem

    If you need to dry out your shoes in the future, pack them tightly with newspaper. They will dry overnight! Heard this tip once from someone when we were flying down and have used it multiple times successfully.
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    What would you do? - Value verses Moderate Resorts

    I agree that the dining plan is a waste. We went this summer for the first time without a “free dining” plan. Ate at a sit down every day and had snacks whenever we wanted. With three teens (and two that were 17 year old boys!) we saved several hundred dollars paying out of pocket. I brought...
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    Pre-Trip May The Force Be With Us...

    We put my five foot tall daughter in the Murphy bed at riverside one year for a night-it’s a tight fit. I’d do the family suite instead.
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    Trip Report This Is Not The Disney World I Remember

    I will agree with you on the Buzz ride. We were there in June and never did Buzz standby for the very reason you stated. That ride seems to have the most skewed Fastpass vs standby line movement.
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    Pre-Trip Run, Chickie! RUN!!!

    It won’t be close! The light show on the castle is amazing but the fireworks aren’t any better than what you’d see at any small town celebration.
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    Pre-Trip Run, Chickie! RUN!!!

    Good luck with your race! If you can’t time Cali Grill with HEA, don’t stress about it. We were there last month and although they still pipe in the music all you can see is the castle with blobs of color on it and a few fireworks going off. Definitely not wishes!! (Disclaimer: I still cried.)
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    Trip Report Kylo Ren is Scary, and so is every other character

    All caught up! Your story about Makayla at Tusker House brought back memories! My daughter at age 3 loved mask characters but was terrified of face characters! We ate dinner at Norway and my husband fed a hot dog to her under the table. Every time she would try to surface another princess would...
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    50's Prime Time Cafe Participation?

    Our interaction was ok. My kids were hot and tired and our server picked up on that. He gently kidded them but didn't push it. However our food was absolutely terrible! Worst food I have ever had on property!
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    Best deluxe resort for the Christmas holiday season

    We stayed at the GF many years ago during early December. While I loved the decor,my room and the service, the lobby was a madhouse during the day as so many other visitors came to see the gingerbread house. Wading through a mass of humanity wasn't a fun way to start a day. I would stay there...
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