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  • Kerby626 - If you still have your GSC Bib, I might be interested in purchasing it from you. I have been trying to get in the race and am having no luck. Thank you in advance for your help!
    Understand...were either of your parents military? I'm a contractor at the old Cecil Field (now Cecil Commerce Center) working with the Navy and Marine Corps. Some of the best guys to work with are the (retired) Marines that I work with. Glad to meet someone else (The Mom lives in Jax, too, as does Master Yoda) that knows the area!
    That is great that they are doing so well...they are beautiful..:)

    I hope they continue to do well...Talk to you soon!..:)
    Heard all about you guys from Laura..:)..What wonderful friends you are..:)

    I also saw your babies were born at 25 was my Maggie..4 years ago on August 25..:).she was 15 ounces....Hope the babies are doing amazing!...:)
    I'm one of Bram Frank's knife Instructors.I'm 65 started yrs.ago in Goju.Now got Rank in Te-Goju...only student of it's founder.Yeah,I fought in a few tourn.when I was a that time there was no headgear,or nicey poo...they were PIER 6 BRAWLS!!LOL! Mostly now when I fight ,as I told a student(as he was in a difficult position)Son,when you get just cut out all the fancy moves!! I also tought my brotherwho was..a MARINE 70-73...PI...HONOR MAN!!
    Be safe,
    Hiya!!! How was DL??? Did Xtina get a flower??? Let me know when you get to ride TSMM. You'll love it! Tracey and I had such a blast on that (no pun intended...well okay yeah it was...LOL). Love you guys!
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