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    Setting yourself up for success in Imagineering

    The number one piece of advice they give aspiring themed entertainment professionals is that 1. You can't aim specifically for Imagineering and 2. Pick a specific discipline to focus on. on the creative side some of the common disciplines would be Illustration, Architecture, Set Design...
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    Any walking/jogging paths around the Contemporary?

    There's a trail that leads to the Kingdom I would assume would be open. also never under estimate the length of the 2nd floor concourse all the way to the convention center lol.
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    Best Park Live Entertainment?

    Sparkling Christmas Spectacular back in the day. That was a show!
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    Disneyland's actual birthdate?

    It's clearly the 18th because that's my birthday.
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    WDW "What Is This?" On Google Maps/Earth

    The building near test track is the main cast entrance, lockers, etc not sure what the other one is. I've actually had a question similar to this I've wanted to post. I'm not sure what the square elevated roof line is in this complex. Diamond hotshot, Liberty tree tavern, and the jungle...
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    Splashtacular - The Weirdest Thing EVER

    I loved this show so much when I was a kid. Probably cause I was really into dinosaurs...but I just thought it was the coolest thing.
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    The Main Street Stride | Ragtime Band

    You should think about posting your stuff over in the imagineer board...think more people hang out over there.
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    Best video for somebody who never rode Horizons?

    I think you're best off first showing just one of the many full ride throughs that exist and not something like an ultimate tribute or horizons revisited, because those videos more document every single thing, and don't give an accurate ride experience. Start with just like a single angle ride...
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    WDW Executive Offices Question

    No idea where specific offices are, but most of them are at the Team Disney building near Disney Springs. There's also an office complex near Animal Kingdom.
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    Upstairs at Magic Kingdom

    Didn't read your initial question fully...there are plenty more buildings with non-guest accessible second floors. All of Main Street for sure with offices. Depending on what you're looking for, nearly all of them have second floors of some kind - at the very least for equipment access.
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    Upstairs at Magic Kingdom

    Columbia harbor house and diamond horshoe have second floors accessible to guests. the building attached to the hall of presidents has a second story that has been accessible at certain points in its history.
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    How many ferry boats?

    Pretty sure it's been 3 for a very long time. At least since the 90s
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    HoP Orchestra Pit?

    Always wondered about this...pretty sure it's just for show, and a way to remove seats that would have terrible sight lines, but I'd love to know if it was ever used
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    Cities in Florida - Thoughts?

    Fair fair, forgot about the golf channel. Great facility over there! Mostly I left because I realized I cared a lot more about theme parks than I did movies and I'd kick myself when I was an old lady if I didn't at least try to take a stab at trying to get into theme park design. So here I am...
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    Cities in Florida - Thoughts?

    Hi there! I just left the film biz, and went to school in Orlando so hopefully I can help you out! You're looking to work in post production? Or just production in general? Like local news and sports? Or something bigger? I hate to rain on the parade, but unfortunately Florida is not a great...
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