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  1. kap91

    Fantasyland wood effect?

    There is a specific term for it, I'm pretty sure it's mentioned in Younger's Theme Park Design but I don't have a copy near me right now. Most "wood" you see in the parks is essentially plaster sculpted to look like wood - as real wood isn't generally durable enough to stand up to tens of...
  2. kap91

    Flight of Passage vs Millenium Falcon ride: Which is better?

    They're really at opposite ends of the spectrum on what a theme park ride should be. Flight of Passage is akin to a high-art Oscar contender where's Millenium Falcon is more like a really good popcorn movie. They're both fun and serve a purpose. I think if I'm by myself I'd pick FOP but if I was...
  3. kap91

    Enchanted Tiki Room

    You're thinking of Under New Management - where that indeed did happen.
  4. kap91

    Tom Sawyer Island appreciation thread

    Very much appreciated!
  5. kap91

    Skyline from Contemporary Tower Baylake View

    The big ones are the orlando eye and the star flyer as well as the former Peabody hotel.
  6. kap91

    WDW Railroad Photos

    Oh this one too.
  7. kap91

    WDW Railroad Photos

  8. kap91

    Disney file patent application for true "flight simulator" vehicle

    This ride system prototype can be seen in the imagineering in a box series. This video at about 3 minutes in and at about 3:11.
  9. kap91

    Star Wars Galaxy's Edge – The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook coming soon

    Was anyone asking for this? Can I get an Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or New Orleans Square cookbook instead please?
  10. kap91

    Predictions! Secret WDC Project — August 22 @ D23

    I'd have to guess it has nothing to do with the parks and is something the overall company is doing - a new web service - maybe a social network, some sort of entertainment product, a new business akin to cruise ships, maybe something regarding all their IP, I'd kill for them to be creating a...
  11. kap91

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere but does anyone know what the purpose of this building is in Galaxy's edge between droid depot and savi's? I'd assumed it was back of house, but it seems very large and it looks like it's been built with specifically high ceilings and such. Does savi's...
  12. kap91

    What’s with these wait times?!

    When a park is overflowing with people, the average ride has a THRC of 2000 people per hour, and 1700 fast passes are distributed for each hour per ride.
  13. kap91

    Artificial wooden railing

    I'm not sure which specific one you're talking about - but it's likely either a type of formed plastic, or a lot of stuff that Disney does is essentially a form of sculpted plaster.
  14. kap91

    Easiest Transportation from Paris

    You can take the Paris metro to the rer (two different types of train. Basically like subway vs commuter rail in the states. They sell combo tickets at the metro stations. The Disneyland Paris train station is right outside the park so yes you can easily walk to the entrance. All the hotels...
  15. kap91

    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    I'd be fine seeing CBR retired but not sure Toy Story is the property I'd like to see replace it.
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