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  1. kap91

    What’s with these wait times?!

    When a park is overflowing with people, the average ride has a THRC of 2000 people per hour, and 1700 fast passes are distributed for each hour per ride.
  2. kap91

    Artificial wooden railing

    I'm not sure which specific one you're talking about - but it's likely either a type of formed plastic, or a lot of stuff that Disney does is essentially a form of sculpted plaster.
  3. kap91

    Easiest Transportation from Paris

    You can take the Paris metro to the rer (two different types of train. Basically like subway vs commuter rail in the states. They sell combo tickets at the metro stations. The Disneyland Paris train station is right outside the park so yes you can easily walk to the entrance. All the hotels...
  4. kap91

    Rumor Country Bear Jamboree to be Replaced by Toy Story Show?

    I'd be fine seeing CBR retired but not sure Toy Story is the property I'd like to see replace it.
  5. kap91

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Painting the floor would help but since you see the floor in the animated segments ideally you'd want the floor you're on to move with it. Projection mapping could easily project around the cars.
  6. kap91

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    Finding a way to projection map onto the floor would be the biggest change I'd vote for.
  7. kap91

    DLP Coasters

    I think Paris's version of space is more intense than RNC (though not the launch). The other coasters are probably comparable.
  8. kap91

    San Diego > DLR transportation options

    Pacific Surfliner to the ART station in Anaheim.
  9. kap91

    Has there ever been any legitimacy to the long-standing "rumor" of a Villains-themed park?

    Make it indoors! And I'm fairly certain there's a way to work around this. Star Wars land at Disneyland isn't gonna close early to my knowledge, and I'm guessing toontown won't either when they open runaway railway there. Either the launch site could be moved - or the land could be indoors -...
  10. kap91

    What to study to become an Imagineering creative director? (any insider info?)

    OH. This is a little down the road for you but I've also heard several times now that in regards to Imagineering specifically - they won't look at anything in your portfolio that uses IP. Which is ironic as hell but there ya go. So keep that in mind in your college years.
  11. kap91

    What to study to become an Imagineering creative director? (any insider info?)

    Welcome! I'd echo what @lazyboy97o said. It's nearly impossible to target imagineering specifically - especially early on in your career. With the way world works now the best way to move up is to hop scotch around different companies working your way up the ladder. It's a lot easier to become...
  12. kap91

    Has there ever been any legitimacy to the long-standing "rumor" of a Villains-themed park?

    Build bridges over the access roads to that huge plot of land between the tracks and the utilidors. Could allow for a properly spaced fantasyland station too. There's already precedents for this with some lovely themed bridges you don't known are bridges at Disney sea, a bugs land, and at world...
  13. kap91

    Disneyland to customers: Visit us now! Ahora! That means NOW! Please?

    This is exactly like the opening of WDW in 1971. Like 4 months from now when everyone thinks it's finally safe there will probably be a major traffic jam too.
  14. kap91

    A small theme park in Orlando?

    Something smaller, with roots to the area, that specifically caters to the local market with various events, incentivizes annual passes, is designed to be a place that's just fun to hang out in, prioritizes environment design, offers unique types of attractions, might have some very interesting...
  15. kap91

    Epcot Monorail Station Design

    I could be making this up, but I think I remember hearing it was designed so that the other line would right next to the current one in the same direction (I'd assume with loading and unloading on the same side of the platform for each train).
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