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    Keeping vacation dates "close to the vest"

    I don't post on fb ahead of time when we will be out of town. But there is no stopping my husband from posting updates while we are gone, which of course gives our location away. But we have a house sitter and a pretty intimidating dog (...and a pug--watch out!) so I'm not too worried about it.
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    April 2012 Roll Call

    We're arriving bright and early the morning of the 19 and depart the 28! This is our first time with kiddos! We our travel party should be easy to spot if our paths we to cross with any fellow WDWMagic-ers. I'm a redhead married to a handsome dark-haired fellow. Our two toddlers are Eurasian...
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    Boma menu cycle

    We actually inquired about it during our last trip. Granted, that was all the way back in '07... But yes, we asked about a certain entree... I can't remember what it was... perhaps the salmon. And was told that it was not served on ____day and _____day, the days we ate there. Instead, on those...
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    If your family could only eat at 3 sit-downs

    Thanks guys! I'm feeling confident with my picks after reading your posts. Chef mickey - breakfast the morning we arrive Boma - twice for dinner Le Cellier - lunch while we're in EPCOT Crystal Palace - lunch That's all we have so far. The Norway one was on our radar as well...
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    Boma menu cycle

    Does anyone know the weekly schedule by which Boma's menu cycles? Last time we went to WDW, we went to Boma twice but picked the two weekdays that featured the exact same menu. We are going twice again, but would like to experience (even just slightly) varried menus.
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    Conventions list

    I'm sure there are more conferences than you could ever keep track of on any given day inOrlando. We are attending one in April, which, last year had more than 5k people, and I'd bet it's not on any conference list you will find on the Internet...
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    April 2012 Roll Call

    We're taking our kiddos for their FIRST TRIP April 19-27! I am more excited than I've ever been for a Disney trip, even having been to 3 of their resorts!
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    Packing & pre-trip purchase list

    What do you buy ahead of time to bring to WDW for your kiddos? I'm on the lookout for the perfect Disney outfits for my little boy and girl. Any other goodies to bring and not worry about purchasing in WDW ($$$)? What have you found are the best and most convenient snacks to bring? We're...
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    Busiest days of the week for each park?

    It's been way too long since I've been to WDW. Could someone remind me which days of the week are "supposed" to be the busiest for each park? For some reason, Sundays in the MK rings a bell...
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    If your family could only eat at 3 sit-downs

    ...where would YOU go? Our group will include 4 adults and 2 toddlers (3- and 2-year olds). Never having taken little ones to The World, but definitely having our own grown-up favorites, I'm wondering which restaurants are not-to-miss from the eyes of parents. I'm not necessarily looking...
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    4 adults, a 3- & 2-yr-old: Where to Stay?

    Thanks for the info thus far guys! We are "able" to spend a good amount, but I always have a hard time paying the ridiculous costs of some of the resorts. To me, it's just not worth it. But I'm a proud Dave Ramsey saver! I didn't think the Art of Animation rooms would be open by then. Am I...
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    And I Think to Myself....What a Wonderful World with Magic Friends

    :wave: Hi Magic Friends! :kiss:
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    4 adults, a 3- & 2-yr-old: Where to Stay?

    My husband and I will be in Orlando for a conference in April and have been going back and forth on whether or not to bring the kiddos for their first visit to WDW. If we do, my parents will come along and watch them for the 2 days we are at the conference. So the question is.... where would be...
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    DSAA song?

    Does anyone know anything about the catching jingle that currently serves as the "theme song" for the Disney Studios All Access teaser? Name of song? Artist? "As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox, as fast as a hare, as brave as a bear..." :)
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    Where to stay for trip with 2 toddlers

    Thank you all! I have to agree with the last poster in that, while staying on property CERTAINLY is a necessary part of the magic, it may just not be the best option when you have two toddlers. . Unfortunately, the Value suites don't seem a good option to us. From what I've seen, there is...
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