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  • Nope it sold within a few days. I went back to get a card set and they were gone. But from time to time you might find other unique HM stuff. By the way, if you can't tell by my member name, I am a HUGE Mansion fan as well!!! Lots of investing over the years in some of my collections.
    It's been a few years actually. BM was on the project before I even moved to Florida. A friend in Michigan that I knew was working with WDI through BM on it but she told me last year that it had been tabled for a while. Not sure if it's been started back up as I haven't seen anything.
    Thanks for the compliment! I just love Disney World, and since I'm still getting through the post-Disney depression from our recent trip, talking on the message boards makes it easier to get through!
    Us too. We love his movies. When we have family movie night I generally push for them.... :)
    That's awesome! I wish Disney sold more HM merchandise. I would think it would make a killing selling it. (And I haven't forgotten your pictures yet...I'm still sorting through some 1,600 pictures from vacation.)
    I will have to post the pictures later when I have them available. What is this with the cookie and bottle? I haven't heard of this.
    That's awesome! It seems like most people who are Mansion fans are really diehard Mansion fans, I've never seen such dedication to an attraction before! (By the way, props on your page background...I almost wish I could decorate parts of my house with that wallpaper!)

    I took some flash photos on Mansion (I was the last person for about 10 doombuggies, so no guest experience was ruined ;) ) I could share if you would like to see them.
    LOL Thanks! I was hoping folks would understand the joke. Where did you get your avatar? Is it a Disney-created art piece? I fell in love with the stretching portraits the second I entered the Haunted Mansion for the first time.
    It was meant to be a parody of the "Fix Me" avatars that people have for Imagination or the Yeti at Expedition Everest.
    I just can't put them down. I had to stop because this is the last one I own (waiting for the latest to be in softcover) and if I start it now I'll be done before my trip. It would be so funny to be next to the pool seeing someone else reading Sookie books. What an awkward conversation that would be especially if it's the wrong person...."Ummmm, are you JustInTime?" I'd be getting a pretty strange look if it's not you, "Just in time for what?" :)
    I'm reading them.... almost done with Sorcerer's Stone... weekend didn't go as planned so I didn't finish it like I wanted... That's ok though...
    No harm done. And yes, I posted the same thing to your profile and in your thread.

    Prolly should be Belle's/Beast's Castle...:lol:

    Anyway, bedtime here. Gnight!
    I guess you took the apology? :D :lol: :eek:

    And because it is!:lol: I too thought it would be Belle's seeing it's in France, and seeing the resemblance to the one in the movie...

    Alas, nope! Just another Sleeping Beauty. That kind of bothers me...Each park should have it's own unique castle, with it's own name. At least DLP has half of that...The castle is stunning!! :D

    TDL and HKDL, however...Notsomuch. Tokyo has a direct lift of Cinderella Castle from WDW (although in a different color!) and HK has Sleeping Beauty from DLR. It's color scheme is different, too there. More to the original one at DL, pre HCOE. :)
    I noticed from your signatures that we seem to have similar literary tastes :) Let me know how you like the Sookie Stackhouse books :wave:
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