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  • Hey Miss Thang...since your a big shot PHD now, its our 10 year HS reunion and I have a Seasonal Annual Pass, I think we should do a Disney day together! :D
    Aw, thanks! :D Doing wonderfully, in fact! Had a academic advising session today and found out that I am essentially a sophomore becuase all my paperwork went through! :D

    One of them is a Bobo Freshman welcome class...Nothing to worry about.

    And yes, you got me down perfectly. :lol:
    :lol: I always end up getting OT...

    ...And yes, had my first two classes today. Wasn't too bad...just got our syllabus'...Wish we had done more so I could get a feel for the course work, and stop being so nervous...:eek:
    Indeed! :D I usually friend those whose agree rather than jump my back and flame, anyway.:lookaroun :D

    Thanks for accepting!:)
    Yes, it is a bit early to break out the Christmas Mickey avatar, but I couldn't resist. :lol: When are you heading to WDW?
    Great news about your qualifier! :sohappy: We had a great weekend... no rain except for a brief shower on Friday. Hopefully you guys in FL continue to avoid the bad weather.
    Hey, good luck on your exams this weekend. I know we were both watching Hanna (for different reasons, lol) and it looks like we dodged a bullet. :wave:
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