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  1. IWant2GoNow

    Possible Frontierland expansion

    The shorter attractions is really what bothers me about some of the new additions/replacements over the years. I get attention spans aren't what they used to be however things like Horizons/MS, GMR/MMRR, old vs. current JII, Ellen/GotG, etc., really bother me the most out of anything park-wise...
  2. IWant2GoNow

    Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run - Ride/Queue Details and Discussion

    I feel like you and I had the same experience except I didn't use the single rider option. My wife and I waited about an hour and 15 minutes back in early Oct. for our first ride. My wife doesn't like Star Wars but will appreciate a good attraction no matter what it's themed to. We ended up...
  3. IWant2GoNow

    News New Epcot logo

    Fair enough. Didn't look around enough, I guess. Good spot!
  4. IWant2GoNow

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    I'd agree with that as well actually. It'd be dang difficult to replicate a space elevator but I guess I shouldn't speak too soon before someone tells me that's exactly what they're doing. 😂
  5. IWant2GoNow

    News Space 220 Restaurant dining experience at Epcot's Future World

    I was just going to post the exact same thing. So, anyone know if this will be a forced perspective element on top or is this purely just for the art?
  6. IWant2GoNow

    News New Epcot logo

    I feel like 7 is FoN. But that's just my opinion though.
  7. IWant2GoNow

    Journey of Water featuring Moana coming to Epcot

    I'm tentatively optimistic about this attraction. As many have already stated, so long as this is not a Casey Jr type area and can be enjoyed by all ages, I'm good with it. DW and I love Moana. I don't generally like the IP takeover of Epcot but there's just no stopping them. Once Frozen took...
  8. IWant2GoNow

    News Expose reveals WDC control in online fan community

    About halfway through all of this madness. This rabbit hole seems to have no end!
  9. IWant2GoNow

    Buying magic bands for 4 people- have to buy at same time???

    Ya, this process is bonkers. I've been trying for a solid week to get 4 premium bands. Been checking almost hourly for the iasw one because my wife wants matching ones for her, her sister, and niece. I just want the SSE design but I'll settle for whatever is there if I can actually select the...
  10. IWant2GoNow

    Has there ever been any legitimacy to the long-standing "rumor" of a Villains-themed park?

    I believe the Villains' Park rumor is what lead me to this site originally. I was getting a quick service meal at Pecos Bill and the CM there was telling me about it. And that's when I researched, found this site, and realized that CM/bus driver rumors are normally bunk. 😆 I've still been...
  11. IWant2GoNow

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    Ehh, Disney stretches with a lot of things anymore so it wouldn't surprise me. Interesting. Thanks for the info. Not sure I've ever seen that concept art before.
  12. IWant2GoNow

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    I really hope we're not missing out on an Up! E-ticket attraction to Paradise Falls.
  13. IWant2GoNow

    News Tomorrowland love

    Haven't posted in a while, but seeing all of this new paint going up triggered an idea. I don't mind the new paint scheme so far. I don't quite understand all the white, but at least it's receiving fresh paint and not just letting the old paint peel off before they do anything about it. All...
  14. IWant2GoNow

    When are you going to fix that yeti?

    Same here. I'm still holding strong and have hope. I am surprised and delighted to see that people are still using that pic I hastily threw together though. Fight the good fight!
  15. IWant2GoNow

    Rumor Siemens is going to end their sponsorship with the parks - Spaceship Earth and IllumiNations

    What was the exact reason for this? I look for it every time and was starting to think I had imagined it.
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