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Recent content by goffer630

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    PHOTOS - Grand Floridian Mizner's opens at quick service restaurant

    Does anyone know if Mizner's or somewhere else at the GF will be serving mickey waffles?? We're going in December when Gasparilla Grill is closed, but hoping I can still find my family a mickey waffle somewhere on site
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    January crowd level question

    Hey guys, I just found out ill be going to disney world january 6-9, needless to say im pumped, but when we go it's usually always the second week of december so im unsure about the crowd levels. I know how bad the crowds get on the 1st, but how much of that crowd dies down by the 6? has...
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    little sister

    Hey Ya'll. I have a trip to the world with my family coming up in a couple of weeks. My little sister is scared of thrill rides but she is wanting to try and go on one and then maybe she will like them. I was wondering which one you guys thought was best. We are going to epcot the first day...
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    Dining question?

    let me start by saying hello to everyone. i am a new member to this website, but i am a HUGE Disney fan! I have an upcoming trip to disney world (Dec 16-21) with my family and my mom has requested that one night we are there tha we go and have a nice dinner at a nice restaurant, the only...
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