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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I did see in the transportation thread that Orlando Parks News posts the weeks' guide times each Sunday. Checking that for the current week, it does show Skyliner starting at 7:30, with buses 45 min prior to park open. I assume those times are set in stone? Seems silly that given the number of...
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    Future World West - the land of merchandise kiosks

    Moichandising!, Moichinding! Epcot the T Shirt, Epcot the hat, Epcot the flamethrower (the little kiddies love this one!)
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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I was under the impression all transportation began 1 hr prior to park open. I'll be there late next week staying at CBR and would hate to walk to the skyliner at 7, only to be told it isn't running, thus having to scramble to get a bus or uber or even drive there. Are you saying the app...
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    News Operating hours extended at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    You might want to update the hours in late Jan for DHS, since it appears as if opening has been pushed up to 7 AM (as judged by the fact that I was able to change my Slinky FP from 8:30 AM to 7:50 AM on 1/24/20, with availability showing for most of the other Tier 1 rides as of 7:05. Planning...
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    Cirque Tickets On Sale, Shows Start March 20th

    If you're a costco member, you can buy $100 cirque gift cards for $80, then use them to book the show at WDW. Also, if your'e of a certain age, AARP offers cirque discounts on its webpage for its members (tho I've discovered you don't nec have to be an AARP member to use the discount).
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    Disney rmc

    Don't forget to show some love for GCI as well. If you've ever ridden a recent woodie of theirs (Mystic Timbers at Kings Island is superb, at least until the shed), you'll find them to be fun, fast-paced and smooth rides as well.
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    Disney rmc

    Vekoma built 7DMT, RnRC, Barnstormer and soon to be GOTG and Tron, so why wouldn't Disney contemplate using RMC?
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    Fastpass Question

    Given the recent changes with FP+ (inability to just cancel certain members of your party), I need to modify a FP I have for the day after Thanksgving. I currently have a FP for 8 for PPF, but need to pare that down to 4. When going to modify, the current time I have isn't available. If I...
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    tickets and FP?

    You''ll need to ask them to give you the barcode no from the back of the tickets, since that's what you'll use to link them to MDE. Have you looked at Undercover Tourist? Their prices are usually a bit cheaper than ticketsatwork, which ive found, fluctuates in price, based on where you work...
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    Depp out as Sparrow - Sparrow out of Pirates?

    I'd think the transgressions leveled against Rush are a lot worse than anything Depp ever has done. If anything, remove Barbossa from the pirate ship battle scene and bring back the original pirate.
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    Haven't been to Universal since the 90's... What do I need to know?

    My recent trip to Orlando in late Sept included 3 sep days (and one HHN) in UNi and 3 nights and 4 days at Disney. Crowds at both were minimal. Longest wait at Uni was maybe 15 min for Transformers, Gringotts and Mummy and at IOA for Kong and Spidey. If you're doing HHN, Tuesdays are your...
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    News Ralph and Vanellope coming to Epcot's Innoventions and ImageWorks

    Just digitize and bring back Captain Eo and all will be forgiven.
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    Difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass

    I'm headed down there in about a month and am wondering about the degree of difficulty in obtaining a Guest Assistance Pass (Note- I don't mean the Attraction Assistance Pass that works like the DAS pass). The GAP is the pass that allows unlimited entry into the rides through the Universal...
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    FP+ My Plan - looking for feedback!

    keep checking MDE and the website for FP slots on other rides you didn't get. You don't need a FP for Space or SSE. Try to get Soarin instead. TT can be ridden in the single rider line with usually a short wait. same for Rn RC at the Studios.
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    Thoughts On New Tour!!!!

    They already have an up close encounter with Rhinos at the MK...
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