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Recent content by FlaggNL

  1. FlaggNL

    Trip Report The "Did you schedule any bathroom breaks?" Trip report

    thanks for sharing! Great to see some photo's from the old situation before the world changed.........
  2. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip We are going back!

    Thanks for sharing! As great as ever!
  3. FlaggNL

    Trip Report It's been 6 years and a global pandemic, but we are back!

    Hej thanks for sharing this more than magical and wonderfull report! For us it will take w long while before we can return to the most magical place on earth! We had to cancel our upcoming October trip...... have a great stay the next couple of days!
  4. FlaggNL

    Trip Report Well, I guess this is happening... July 12-28 Trip Report - Pre, Live, and Post

    Wow what a great TR as ever! Good to see that The Magical World is alive again! We had to cancel our upcomming October trip...... will probably take some time before we can travel from Europe to US again......... But these kind of TR's help us out during the period we can't go.....
  5. FlaggNL

    Trip Report Kylo Ren is Scary, and so is every other character

    had not much time lately to check this forum out, but I caught up now! Thanks for all the great updates!!
  6. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip Our big family trip is nearly here

    Have a more that great stay! Enjoy the full of it and let it be as magical and winderful as always!!
  7. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip Buddy and Philmonster return to the World!

    Enjoy the pre feelings!
  8. FlaggNL

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

    I finally caught up! Thanks for all the marvelous daily reports :) Thanks for sharing this 25th one! As great as always!
  9. FlaggNL

    Trip Report Completed: How to Avoid a Rebel Invasion: a dual August trip report

    wow... Am I late or am I :) Off course count me in! Last year we were in the World at the same time I guess... no Disney for us in 2019, but everything is booked for 2020 :) Have a magical and wonderful time!
  10. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip A first, a last, and a galaxy far, far, away... (Now with bonus London TR!)

    Wow what a TR, and this just was London! Thanks for sharing and absolutely following along!
  11. FlaggNL

    Trip Report Girl's Weekend, Disney Style: A Tale of Two Sisters Getting Their Disney On!***COMPLETED***

    Great start of the TR!! Count me for the follow! Thanks for sharing! A report with a lot of smiling pictures exept the Haunted Mansion one :)
  12. FlaggNL

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *COMPLETED*

    I am in!! Wow the 25th! We have a long way to go before we reach our 25th :)
  13. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip Are We Ever Going to Stop Adding Days?? A Summer 2019 Pre Trip Report

    wow! Thats what I call PLANS!! Looks perfect!! Enjoy the pre feelings!!
  14. FlaggNL

    Pre-Trip The "I never thought we would finish" adoption celebration trip!

    Congratulations! Plans look great! Enjoy the pre feelings!!
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