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Recent content by fizzieee

  1. fizzieee

    Trip Report MILESTONE TRIP! First Orlando Visit, Final Disney Park! LIVE

    Mr. Goldfinger, what a great name!
  2. fizzieee

    Pre-Trip If she can do it so can I!

    I'm in!!!
  3. fizzieee

    Pre-Trip You may be right...We may be crazy. A last-minute Disneyland Adventure.

    Ooooh ready to follow along!!! Welcome back to trip reporting!
  4. fizzieee

    Trip Report Our not so perfect, but good enough July 2021 trip

    Loved all your photos at Volcano Bay! I've been to Universal a few times since VB opened, but haven't had a chance to visit that park yet. Bummed to hear Gideon's was kind of overrated.... That's not the first time I've heard that opinion recently. Oh well, at least the theming is fun/interesting!
  5. fizzieee

    Trip Report Didn't we JUST do this?

    Following along as usual!!!
  6. fizzieee

    Trip Report Just What We Ordered... BLT & a Side of Summer!

    Fantastic report! Thank you for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through you and your TR!!!
  7. fizzieee

    Pre-Trip Guess who's going back?

    I'm sure the DFB team does go get manicures pretty regularly, especially around the opening of a festival, since they know their nails will be in a good majority of the photos...... but you're absolutely right, everyone's nails look *chef's kiss* in all of these Food and Wine photos!
  8. fizzieee

    Trip Report Flood here, Flood There

    Following along!!!
  9. fizzieee

    Trip Report Just What We Ordered... BLT & a Side of Summer!

    Those iced coffees look AMAZING! I don't love Chef Mickey's but I've heard they've stepped up their game recently with the family-style serving...... and if those coffees are any indication of that, I'm so down to try it again!
  10. fizzieee

    Trip Report We’re Soarin’, Flyin’… Into the Unknown

    Yay, so excited to see this is starting! Already finding your tip about the John Wayne airport & LAX to be SUPER helpful - thank you for sharing!!! Your photos are lovely and I can't wait to see more.
  11. fizzieee

    Trip Report That’s No Moon... ***Completed***

    Congratulations!!! What a little sweetheart - thank you for sharing and best of luck! She's precious!
  12. fizzieee

    Pre-Trip It's Never Too Early to Start a PTR, Right?!?

    Have a great trip!!!
  13. fizzieee

    Trip Report Better Late than Never! An April 2021 Trip Report!

    Following! Thank you for sharing!
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