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  1. Fankle

    Trip Report Teaching our niece about #DDTRW!

    Oh that gave me a giggle. Can’t wait for P’d next trade. He could start an entire new craze!
  2. Fankle

    Trip Report COMPLETED (finally!)....Did we move to WDW? Nope just a two week trip!

    I'm in! Looking forward to following along.
  3. Fankle

    Pre-Trip The August 2018, All-Welcome, Orlando Extravaganza

    Single digit dance day! Yaaay! :cool::cool: Only one unexpected bump in the plans. The one evening we were planning being at Universal, Universal Studios is closing at 6pm! (Wed 29th August). Not sure why. They reduced the park hours really late in the day. Given that we have fastpasses and...
  4. Fankle

    Pre-Trip The August 2018, All-Welcome, Orlando Extravaganza

    I definitely don't do subtle spreadsheets! They give everyone else a headache but make sense to me.... Really looking forward to O'hana. I've never visited the Poly before, just passed it on the monorail on previous trips and thought how good it would be to visit.
  5. Fankle

    Trip Report The Never-Ending Summer Of Disney *COMPLETED*

    Visited the poison garden at Alnwick Castle last year where I learned that Datura has large, trumpet-like flowers. Apparently, grown in conservatories, Victorian ladies would shake the pollen into their tea for a bit of a buzz. (It's hallucinogenic!) Why is it that I can remember obscure facts...
  6. Fankle

    New here!

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Fankle

    Pre-Trip An August pre-trip report (with a mini Nov trip report thrown in)

    Following along. Awesome opportunity representing Canada. I think our trips may overlap by a day or so! Not long now.
  8. Fankle

    Unofficial Guide

    I’ve taken copies with me in the past to reference whilst there (and to re-read on the plane) but it’s soooo heavy. This time I tried the kindle version this year. It’s ok. Much easier to dip into on the move but I miss the paper copy......
  9. Fankle


    Welcome to the forum. Have you visited Walt Disney World before?
  10. Fankle

    Trip Report First Time Back in 8 Years!

    What a wonderful trip! Glad that everything went so well.
  11. Fankle

    How much does Disney's music improve your experience?

    Episode 50 of the ‘Connecting with Walt’ podcast discussed the music in the parks and how it is arranged very carefully to evoke particular feelings and guest behaviours at different times/places. My Dad still remembers me, age 2, sitting on the bottom stair in floods of tears saying “that...
  12. Fankle

    New member but many memories!

    Welcome to the forum.
  13. Fankle

    Trip Report Shortest Trip Report Ever and the Time I Finally Swam in Stormalong Bay (COMPLETED)

    Congratulations. That’s wonderful news.! Sounds like your trip was super-fun.
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