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    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I gotta say, I love the trackless aspect of it. What I don't care for the fact that you can't see everything from every seat. If it's about re-rideability, the Haunted Mansion directs every doombuggy the same way and I find that better. It allows me to see what I was meant to AND when I re-ride...
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    Who should be excluded to help with the overcrowding problem.

    I agree, when I went on my first couple trips you could see the SpectroMagic and Wishes twice per night. If you had little ones, you could do the early set, then get out of dodge. We always rode during the first set, then when the crowds had thinned a lot we'd watch the last set of the night. It...
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    DHS has a Star Wars problem.

    I think it just feels like too much Star Wars. Everywhere you turn it's in your face. I agree that eventually all SW merch should be in GE, and if they can move characters there, all the better. Retheme Launch Bay to something else.
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    Long Line Memories and Line Etiquette, Your Worst Line Experiences

    Okay, my worst line experience: It was right after Rapunzel and Flynn were debuting in the Tangled Meet and Greet next to the Castle (where Merida is now). My friend and I were waiting and the line was creeping up towards the castle, about an hour. We had been patiently waiting, since I really...
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    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Remember when the big ticket rides were RNRC and ToT? Now I can get fast passes for both in one shot. That's so strange, but I guess I'm excited. Though we all hate to admit it, sometimes change is good.
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    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Can you get your boarding group and then leave the park? Like, would I be able to arrive at 7:00-7:30, get into the park, get my boarding pass, and then head to another park (especially if I end up in a backup boarding group that won't board until end of the day). I'm not the biggest Hollywood...
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    Coco ride? (Image on new Imagineering Site)

    The station in Coco was meant to resemble Grand Central, so there's a possibility that it could be Coco, or GCS.
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    What do you call us???

    I call myself a Disnerd. I'm obsessed and it's very apparent when you see me in my WDW sweatshirts and covered with Disney tattoos. My husband has recently joined me in my madness as well.
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    Man Arrested for Allegedly Groping a Face Character in WDW

    I have a feeling if this sort of stuff continues, they will eventually ban adults from posing with the face characters. There are horror stories all over of various Princess and Prince performers getting groped, and that's inexcusable. It is not appropriate.
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    What's the max amount of time you could spend at WDW without getting bored?

    I agree. We were on our honeymoon for 8 days and I found that it really did give more time for a leisurely pace, and less stress about fitting everything in in a few days. We're planning on a 14 day trip next December, with plenty of time for the inevitable long lines. That way we also have a...
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    News The 'Disney Look' to be further relaxed at Walt Disney World

    I feel like many cast members would take this opportunity to add some appropriate themed jewelry to their uniforms. I know if I worked there and was a CM for the Haunted Mansion I would wear a small bat necklace or something that matched the uniform. Disney will crack down if people take things...
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    What's the deal with the Haunted Mansion?

    Haunted Mansion was the very first attraction I ever went on. I was in my early 20's and really into Pirates, and the first PoTC movie had just come out. My parents finally got us to WDW and we went to MK at night. My mom asked "do you wanna ride Pirates?" and I said, "it's dark, why don't we...
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    Something needs to change with MK close on non Party Nights

    My first trip was back in 2007, and I remember they did the Wishes show twice. That was perfect because it gave people the opportunity to sort of thin out and space out the exiting of the park. Crowd dispersion was better, and it made everything overall less hectic. I really do wish they would...
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    Haunted Mansion Improvements?

    Maybe they deep cleaned the scrim in the stretching room? As for Constance, she was out of alignment for a while and I know that made her look weird. Maybe they re-positioned her? Now everything lines up.
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    MSEP to Return to WDW for 50th Celebration?

    I think you're right. I think it could be to boost ticket sales for parties, but I really hope we're both wrong. I want a new night time parade dang it!
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