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  1. Fable McCloud

    DINOSAUR merch removed

    Oh if only Beastly Kingdom could be made.... that's right, I'm barking up that tree. We all know that it would be very successful, vs Dinoland, which people don't understand the theming of. Give us dragons (Disney has so many!) and unicorns, and griffins... just do something not tied to an IP...
  2. Fable McCloud

    Happily Ever After vs. Enchantment

    I was thinking along the same lines. We're celebrating 50 years of Walt Disney World (the Park) not Disney movies. There should be nods to all things past and present. Where were the acknowledgements to former rides or parades or songs?
  3. Fable McCloud

    Happily Ever After vs. Enchantment

    I thought that HEA had a flow and story. Enchantment feels empty. It reminds me of Wishes, but with really slapped on projections. I admit that I'm very attached to HEA, since we saw it on my husband's first WDW trip, and he proposed to me right before. I hope it comes back, we had 14 years of...
  4. Fable McCloud

    Will Harmonious Survive?

    Perhaps it's an unpopular opinion, but I really loved Harmonious. I enjoyed the music choices, and hearing them in their native languages was a nice touch. Granted, the barges and projections could be improved, but it was way easier to see than Reflections (the projections on the globe were way...
  5. Fable McCloud

    News Disney MagicMobile Service coming soon beginning with Apple devices

    All the best Figment and Orange Bird stuff is for AP holders. I don't have the money to go to WDW every year, so I don't buy the APs, but I love Figment. I hate buying from scalpers on secondhand sites, but I don't know any people who are AP holders to scoop merch for me. Sad.
  6. Fable McCloud

    Anyone dislike the volggers content?

    I enjoy DFB, the Carpetbagger, OffHand Disney, Expedition Theme Park, and Defunctland. Yesterworld is also fabulous. Theme Park Crazy. TPM Vids. Fastpass Facts. There are so many to pick from and they all have fun and engaging content. If it's repetitive, you can always skip the video. But then...
  7. Fable McCloud

    Piraten in Batavia, or how other parks are eating Disney's lunch

    Efteling is gorgeous! I think it's Disney quality for sure.
  8. Fable McCloud

    Do we still need park reservations when back to full capacity??

    Having a Park Pass Reservation system makes it hard for you to do a last minute trip or drop in if you're a local. I hate having to plan what I'll be doing 6 months or more ahead of time.
  9. Fable McCloud

    News PHOTOS - Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom to receive enhancements this summer

    I love the elegance of the ribbons and the buntings. I love the brightened blues and golds. I don't love the pink. In my brain, Sleeping Beauty Castle is pink, Cinderella Castle is blue-blue grey. Maybe by the next trip it will have faded a bit... In all actuality though, it's all better than...
  10. Fable McCloud

    Pirates queue social distance walls

    I think the plexiglass will come down soon enough. I know in the queues it makes it feel super claustrophobic, but I really don't like it on the rides. It makes a horrible glare and makes certain things difficult to see. However, safety is the number one priority, so until things settle down...
  11. Fable McCloud

    News Epcot hours reduced starting July 18th

    I really miss the early to very late days. EPCOT at 11pm is so quiet and relaxing. I also really enjoy early mornings at World Showcase, but we'll have to see how they deal with more crowds and reduced times...
  12. Fable McCloud

    Does anyone else find Rise of the Resistance and Runaway Railway underwhelming?

    I have yet to ride MMRR or RotR, but on my honeymoon in 2018 I was able to ride FoP. I liked it, but it was like Soarin' in a more uncomfortable seat. My husband was really not impressed. We both prefer full dark rides for immersion. Haunted Mansion is my favorite attraction because it gives me...
  13. Fable McCloud

    Original Auction vs. New Auction

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the new scene is fine. My only issue is that Redd looks so lifelike and fluid that every other AA around her looks really strange and outdated by comparison. If they slowly start to clean them up and update them others around her, it would be fine. I...
  14. Fable McCloud

    Understanding Why Disney's Magical Express Is Ending

    I think I'll always pay for whatever service can get me to and from the airport, because I will NEVER drive in Orlando. My anxiety about driving in unfamiliar places compounded with the stress of renting a car is not worth it. My vacations always include not driving as part of my treat to...
  15. Fable McCloud

    News New Changes Coming to the Disney Look 2021

    I'm excited, because now I can officially work without covering my wrists! I have 2 Disney tattoos on my wrists, one from Frozen 2 with "Do the Next Right Thing" under it, and one that says "One Little Spark" with Figment's tail, wings and horns. Now I can proudly show off being a Disney nerd...
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