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  1. Fable McCloud

    Does anyone remember the evening parade?

    I miss the night parades, both of them. They were a good reason to hang around the hub. You lined up for the parade and then they immediately did the fireworks, so it wasn't just a hour or more of sardine squishing into the hub.
  2. Fable McCloud

    OK, what could Disney do in the parks that you would actually like?

    Those would 1000% make me happy. Add in Dreamfinder and we'd have a win-win. I do look forward to the new updates to EPCOT but man, fix Figment... please.
  3. Fable McCloud

    Aladdin is out drawing Godzilla

    But it was soooooo bland. Aladdin was just "meh" as far as I'm concerned. I think that the animated is still a masterpiece, but in a few years everyone's going to forget about this, just like they did with Cinderella. Granted, this is just an opinion. If you loved it, liked it, etc. then...
  4. Fable McCloud

    Name the parks that are the closest to Disney as possible

    I think Efteling Park would probably be the closest in that "Disney-esque" feeling. It's very whimsical and thematic in that way. I know most parks just sort of feel like a Six Flags unless they're really theme-heavy.
  5. Fable McCloud

    News Epcot's Rosewalk walkway closed for widening construction

    I'd love to see some more covered areas/shady spots throughout World Showcase, it's really brutal when it's sunny. I usually end up carrying a parasol just to keep the sun's intensity down.
  6. Fable McCloud

    Are we too entitled as hardcore WDW Park Guests?

    It's one thing to expect a great experience, but not knowing what to expect is part of the allure for me. When I took my husband on our first trip, there were things he missed on some rides, or things I knew were different and it made each ride/attraction feel unique to us. As long as the rides...
  7. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    Isn't it just awful? It makes the older ones look so cheap.
  8. Fable McCloud

    I am!

    I am!
  9. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    Sorry, didn't realize the post existed...
  10. Fable McCloud

    Pirates Effects

    So, the mist featuring Davy Jones/Blackbeard is now off. Is this official? I also heard the "Dead Men Tell No Tales" original ride audio was back. Is this confirmed? I'm just wondering of these are permanent changes, because it would be nice to see LESS movie tie-ins. They could make a movie...
  11. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    Oh, what about an Egypt Pavilion? That'd be so cool!
  12. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    Blast! I really hoped it was the base for a new Pavilion.... thanks for the help!
  13. Fable McCloud

    What is this?

    I was showing a student something about EPCOT (We were checking out the status of the France Pavilion). Then we noticed the big construction area between Germany and China. Any idea what's going in here? Is it a new thing?
  14. Fable McCloud

    If you could sit in one spot...

    I forgot all about the Katsura Grill garden area!! I LOVE sitting under the trees and watching the waterfall, being on the small bridge above everything. Japan's Pavilion in general is really nice to just chill out in. It's a hidden gem for sure.
  15. Fable McCloud

    If you could sit in one spot...

    Used to be at the tables at Sleepy Hollow, the ones next to the moat. We would eat a nice breakfast and watch the ducks in the water while the sun came up behind the castle. No one ever used that hidden path there either... Not sure now. We'll have to find a new spot next trip.
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