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  1. dopeylover

    Disney's Barber Shop Expectations

    There is no hair color outside of 'fun' hair coloring for kids and pixie dust. It is extremely small, only 3 chairs, and it really is only a barbershop, not a full service salon. It's a cute place to go though!
  2. dopeylover

    From this list choose 6....

    Tusker House- we're going for the first time ourselves, but everyone loves it Akershus- IMO Best Princess interaction Liberty Tree Dinner Crystal Palace O'Hana Raglan Road-it's a great time!
  3. dopeylover

    CBR. How disappointing.

    I'm so sorry that happened, and that is totally disgusting! It happens everywhere, though I agree w/ @wdisney9000 . I was just at Yacht Club and there was all kinds of mold inside our closet.
  4. dopeylover

    AKL Savanna view

  5. dopeylover

    Generations Gap Bridge @ Pop

    Yes, you sure can! Definitely do what @Dwarful said and take the time to grab some pictures! The grounds of AoA are beautiful!
  6. dopeylover

    AKL Savanna view

    I have not stayed there, but I did get to do a site inspection while I was there for Agent Training, and I did get to go into an Arusha Room. The view was great! But you know where else the view was great? The lobby, the walkway to the Arusha Room where you could step out and sit on a rocking...
  7. dopeylover

    Household Disney Products?

    I miss those ice pops!!!
  8. dopeylover

    An Unusual (Unique?) Question About Online Check-In

    It may be a glitch, or it may not. Poly is going through an EXTENSIVE refurb right now and many people are unhappy staying there right now,so they may be offering it b/c they have a ton of space there at the moment. But I would be surprised even so if they're moving you to a Deluxe. I will tell...
  9. dopeylover

    Mine Train Question

    It is a very fun, but very manageable ride. My stomach didn't drop once.
  10. dopeylover

    1st trip with fiancé alone, looking for different/relaxing things to do...

    When are you going? Depending on when you go you can try Harambe Nights at AK or EPCOT After Hours Wind Down! The Wave is great for dinner & drinks. La Cava de Tequila has great drinks as well, and then you can stroll WS!
  11. dopeylover

    New Soarin Movie

    They were filming Illuminations while we were there a few weeks ago!
  12. dopeylover

    Caribbean Beach?

    Everybody talks about the walking, the walking, the walking! Honestly, I've stayed there once, we're staying there again due to Free Dining in October. It's spread out, but so are a lot of other resorts in WDW. Unless you're used to a Deluxe where everything is really within arms reach, you'll...
  13. dopeylover

    Upkeep of Rides - What rides have people noticed are in need of some serious attention.

    They are re-doing the film, in fact while we were there they were filming Illuminations for Soarin!
  14. dopeylover

    Ever seen someone famous while at wdw?

    Hugh Jackman was staying at YC same time we were a few weeks ago. Sadly, I did not see him, but it wasn't for lack of trying...But I did meet Gloria Estefan in the Contemporary, she was very sweet!
  15. dopeylover

    The Middle Season Finale - My Nightmares?

    I watch the show when I catch it, and I just wish JUST THIS ONCE that they could have had a few hiccups but ultimately a great Disney trip. To make 98% of the trip awful just ruined the whole show for me! It was the stuff of my nightmares.
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