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  1. dontknow

    What resort do you think you'll never stay at?

    We tested the waters this year at our first moderate. Though it was OK, we noticed the differences. So much so, we wouldn't do it again. Wilderness or Poly for us going forward with the edge to the Poly.
  2. dontknow

    Best Table Service restaurants

    The one time we went to Skipper Canteen (about 3 weeks ago) - it was great food and service.
  3. dontknow

    Port Orleans Riverside

    We recently came back from POR. Our first 9 night stay at that resort. I have nothing to compare it to in the 'moderate' category so take my input for what it's worth as we generally stay at the Wilderness or Poly. The grounds were very well cared for and pleasant. We stayed at Oak Manor...
  4. dontknow

    Best Table Service restaurants

    At 2.5 years old, are you look for any Character Meals?
  5. dontknow

    Best length of stay

    I think interest(s) (along with finances) play a role in helping to determine number of days. - Do you want to go to all of the parks? For us, we have been a few times where we never went into Hollywood Studios after our initial visit due to lack of interest. This year, we have a full day at...
  6. dontknow

    Carousel of Progress appreciation thread

    We love it. Never crowded, always air conditioned and entertaining. We've only been on it once when it broke. Everyone on the ride made the best of it and still enjoyed.
  7. dontknow

    Done with French Quarter after 8 stays

    Sounds frustrating. We will be spending our time coming up at PO Riverside for the very first time in any moderate. Wonder what type of experience we will walk away with once it's over. We are hoping for 'the best' but not expecting the same type of experience we've had over the years as we...
  8. dontknow

    Magical Moments?

    This year we really brought our daughter into the planning process. Beginning to end... The 'magic' of the princess phase is now over but as she has gotten a little older, she is now embracing many of the rides she once shunned. We let her sort of help steer the plan.
  9. dontknow

    Heat and humidity tips

    We are very used to humidity. Some of our strategies... If possible, water is your friend. Lots of it. Drink even when you're not thirsty. Lightweight / breathable clothing - including hats Afternoon downpours are almost a daily event so prepare for it. Having an umbrella is also handy for...
  10. dontknow

    Coral Reef Restaurant Opinions

    We ate there a few years ago and didn't think highly of it. All based on personal expectations, I guess.
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