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  1. DoleWhipDrea

    Muppets Haunted Mansion

    I imagine that this will include elements that were seen at the last D23 Expo! There was a special 40th anniversary Haunted Mansion panel where the first draft of the script for the Haunted Mansion was read, and Uncle Deadly read as the Narrator/Ghost Host (and he was, of course, dressed in...
  2. DoleWhipDrea

    Cast Member Drinking Water From Decorative Fountains?

    That child is going to be banned from every theme park by the end of the month at the rate he's going. It's seeing things like this that make me refuse to join TikTok. People are so desperate to go viral... The various drinks he had from fountains were pretty bad, but I wonder if Disney was...
  3. DoleWhipDrea

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    It’s a small thing, but I imagine it will help with CM morale, at least a little. DLR had special 50th name tags as well...seeing them as a guest, it did feel like everyone was celebrating the anniversary and added a touch of pride and excitement. They still need to do a lot more.
  4. DoleWhipDrea

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    Buzz at WDW might actually be fun if those awful laser guns were replaced. I’m sure it was fun when it was brand new but no one wants to play a game if their controller refuses to work.
  5. DoleWhipDrea

    is the little mermaid ride in CA good?

    I like it. I could criticize about every single ride that I enjoy - things can always be improved. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy it! Overall I prefer slower dark rides with impressive AAs and a fantastic soundtrack, and Little Mermaid fits that bill. The narrative could be better and the...
  6. DoleWhipDrea

    Jungle Cruise Re-Imagining

    IMHO, I think the majority of the changes are hoped by WDI to be simple adjustments to be more palatable to today's audiences without having to completely get rid of popular attractions. I know a lot of fans are worried about changes, as Disney hasn't always had the best track record with making...
  7. DoleWhipDrea

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    VR. You would sit in the former AE/SGE seats. Not sure if those seats were meant to move in any way to involve more interactivity.
  8. DoleWhipDrea

    Rumor Stitch's Great Escape Replacement— Don’t Hold Your Breath

    I think Ralph can fit in PLAY! with an attraction tied to technology and the internet as a character the audience can connect with...the key is that the attraction itself has to make sense within the scope of the area its in, and WDI doesn't always knock that out of the park. With what I've read...
  9. DoleWhipDrea

    Frozen Ever After vs Maelstrom

    I wish Maelstrom had become the attraction the Imagineers originally wanted to create, relying on the fantasy elements. I know that that's not what Norway wanted and it's understandable that they had a say, but I don't find a finale at an oil rig with a bunch of special effects that eventually...
  10. DoleWhipDrea

    Where’s the best food in Magic Kingdom

    I find most of Magic Kingdom's food to be inedible, but there are a few that are good - not per say incredible, but good. Skipper Canteen (I do understand one poster saying that sauces are too sweet), Liberty Tree Tavern (sometimes a little too rich or salty), and a few menu items from the...
  11. DoleWhipDrea

    Any hints as to when Trader Sam's Grog Grotto re-opens?

    I am wondering if perhaps it would re-open post-refurbishment of the Polynesian, which is coming up. Has anyone heard anything? Is it wishful thinking - I know it's a tight space and a bar, so Disney may be hesitant to re-open it for a while.
  12. DoleWhipDrea

    About Those Dining Reservations and Park Capacity

    I have a tip that's a work-around, but you must have a smartphone with you and be able to use the WDW app from wherever you are. As long as it's still a few hours before your reservation time and you know that you will be unable to make your dining reservation: 1. Open the app 2. Select the...
  13. DoleWhipDrea

    News Casey Jr Splash n Soak Station refurbishment - April 2021

    Surprisingly no...though they may have turned down the water effects. But you could walk up to it after the parks re-opened.
  14. DoleWhipDrea

    News Mickey and Friends cavalcade ending at EPCOT

    I don't know if the fab five are waving to guests by the entrance right now, but with the updated CDC guidelines, I wouldn't be surprised if they would come back to this location. Other characters can be found waving or will sometimes talk to guests behind a barrier at a safe distance, like...
  15. DoleWhipDrea

    anyone have any REAL IDEA when Annual Passes will come back..

    IMHO I don't think that DLR's and WDW's AP programs will look the same. DLR will most likely come with more restrictions to curb the intense AP overcrowding that has been a problem for them since 2005. WDW may get a few changes to its program, but I think will mostly stay the same. There's a...
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