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  1. Disneyfreak Jen

    Old Key West Help

    I stayed once, and really enjoyed it. I was in the building right next to the Turtle Pond pool, by the playground. Location was great, but, it is noisy with traffic at night on the road right behythe building. I sleep with a white noise app on my phone so it didn’t bother me, but it may be an...
  2. Disneyfreak Jen

    What would you do? Help Please!

    I get it, there’s a lot to think about. Usually you get daily afternoon rain in September. Sometimes it’s not a quick shower, and then you won’t be using the pool anyway.
  3. Disneyfreak Jen

    What would you do? Help Please!

    Remember that September is always very hot, humid, and rainy. Your weather will be more pleasant in November. November is still warm enough for shorts, and will probably need a sweatshirt after the sun goes down. But less chance of daily rain, and much lower heat and humidity. If it were my trip...
  4. Disneyfreak Jen

    School holiday dates in October

    October is usually the month I go, it’s gotten more and more busy over the years, and there are always a lot of people from the Midwest that are on a school break. I usually go around the 20th for a week, but I’ve been there much earlier in the month, and also the last week. It seems that...
  5. Disneyfreak Jen

    March or May

    I have stayed at All Star Music twice and had a very good experience both times. Remember, if you stay on site you get to book your FP’s 60 days in advance. If you stay off site, you only get to book at the 30 day mark and some of your choices will not be available. Staying onsite you also get...
  6. Disneyfreak Jen

    Disney in January 2019

    The parks are low to moderate, as a previous poster said. The weather can vary. I was there 2 years ago and wore shorts for 2/4 days. The 3rd was jeans and a T-shirt, and the last day was a raw, damp, 50 degrees. One of those days that you just can’t get warm. MK was very busy that day...
  7. Disneyfreak Jen

    Holiday Crowds 2018

    This trip is it for me until 2021, as long as I can hold out that long 😉 I will lose my mind battling the Star Wars crowd
  8. Disneyfreak Jen

    First solo trip advice and crowds at end of April

    I’ve done many solo trips. When planning, do your research. Just take your time and look through everything in regards to rides and shows, see what may interest you, and add it to your list. I highly recommend checking out the Touring Plans website. I use it every trip. It tracks crowd level...
  9. Disneyfreak Jen

    ALL-Star Music room locations

    Country is the best spot for landscape, as it’s at the end and the whole back area is trees. I was in Rock building 4, right next to Country and it looks like a nice quiet spot.
  10. Disneyfreak Jen

    Holiday Crowds 2018

    I was at MK last Saturday, the 8th, in the evening. Total mob scene. It was one of the few non-party days and the park extended their hours to midnight a few weeks prior to my arrival. It was initially 10p, then moved to 11p, then midnight. I didn’t stay very long. Dinner at CHH, then Tiki and...
  11. Disneyfreak Jen

    Holidays 2019

    Welcome to the boards! 😁 Consider arriving the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving is late next year that would be around Dec 2. Not sure of your budget or where you’re considering staying, but just keep in mind that the Pop Warner football championships are the first week of...
  12. Disneyfreak Jen

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    Thank you, you enjoy your trip too!!!!!
  13. Disneyfreak Jen

    Pre-Trip The "all it does is rain, rain, rain, rain all summer so I need to plan a Disney trip" pre trip report

    1 day to go!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m so excited! Today will be a pretty typical day for me. I work in the medical field, and I’m off to work shortly. Our Docs only work until 12:30 today, but I’ll be in the office until about 4. I don’t have much on my plate today, I’m going to slooooooowly drag it out...
  14. Disneyfreak Jen

    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    1 day!!!!!!!!
  15. Disneyfreak Jen

    Welp, we finally did it! (Now the "questions thread")

    There have been 2 trips where I flew in a day early and did DS, relaxed at the pool, resort hopped, etc. Sometimes it’s nice to do that. Other times it may be much less expensive to travel the day before. This happened to me a few years ago. I couldn’t figure out why the airfare was so high, and...
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