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  1. DisneyDayDreamer

    Buses to Port Canaveral

    How does taking a bus from one of the Walt Disney World resorts work? This will be our first cruise and I just want to make sure we don't need to line up additional transportation.
  2. DisneyDayDreamer

    How easy is it to find CM roommates?

    There is a facebook page...like cast member apartment finder. Try there!
  3. DisneyDayDreamer

    The 'letter' game!

  4. DisneyDayDreamer

    Cut the word / add a word

    healthy / living
  5. DisneyDayDreamer

    Dining at Tutto Italia, Boma, and/or Jungle Navigation Question

    My family enjoys Tutto, but we weren't impressed with Boma. After eating at Tusker House, Boma withers in comparison. That being said I have a many friends that enjoy it.
  6. DisneyDayDreamer

    Disney wedding etiquette

    Maybe purchase a shorter white dress, to wear to dinner and then the fireworks cruise. It would still be bridal but more subtle than your full wedding dress.
  7. DisneyDayDreamer

    Cut the word / add a word

    Andy / Murray
  8. DisneyDayDreamer

    The 'letter' game!

  9. DisneyDayDreamer

    A Word with Friends...

  10. DisneyDayDreamer

    Eat it Or Spit it

    drink it Red beans and rice
  11. DisneyDayDreamer

    The 'letter' game!

    Cheshire Cat
  12. DisneyDayDreamer

    Cut the word / add a word

    language / barrier
  13. DisneyDayDreamer

    A Word with Friends...

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