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  • Sorry, hadn't noticed my notification! You seem to be getting some good advice on DVC in the thread you started, and I liked your idea about renting out the points in 2013 to try to make some money back.

    I'll be honest, if I was looking at DVC now, I'm not sure I could commit to the cost. I'm not even going to tell you what I paid per point back in 1998, it would make you sick.
    stressful...i actually think i might cry lol. anyways i miss the world to im going to the disney store this weekend with my friends to get some disney stuff for my trip to italy and euro disney. i also am going back to the world in either january or next summer :)
    how about u
    i saw ur post:
    i think all of the disney hotels have a bit of disney magic, but the allstarts and pop as well as the por and french quarter do for the value and moderates, for delux animal kingdom, wilderness, contemporary and grand floridian
    me too i am already planning my 21st bday trip unfortuanately my birthday is the weekend bf finals in dec. so im doing what i did last year and going in early january :)
    hehe thats wicked crazy. i love the disney store in braintree its like my seccond home lol. if school wasnt stressful i would totally work there. anyways we should totally meet up sometime.
    Hey, how's it going, ddbowdoin? I wanted to make sure that you heard about the latest Imagineering competition that Mater and I are hosting. We're moving over to a new site, here, but the game is still the same. I hope you can play, you have a really bright mind.
    There are a couple other games out there (one of which is run by MaterA113 and I in the fall and spring), but it's a pretty unique concept overall. This is our first attempt at a summer contest, and this type of competition in general. I hope you enjoy playing, it sounds like you will be a strong asset to your team.
    I'm glad to hear your enthusiasm. Sorry about that little mix-up with your team, you should be clear to play.

    Good luck!
    Many thanks :) That was on our way to the exit ... so this picture actually catched the atmosphere of our last impressions that day. I am glad that you like it!
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