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Recent content by ddbowdoin

  1. ddbowdoin

    How to Find the Perfect Angle

    There’s an app that will show a number of different focal lengths. I use this app when scouting before I change a lens or the position of my camera. Helps when you have to move this sucker around...
  2. ddbowdoin

    Drunkest Day at Disney

    Successfully completed the Epcot Drink Around the World with my wife and two friends. This DIDNT END WELL. Luckily we stayed at the Beach Club so we ended in england which left us with a short stumble home. It was fun and we had some good laughs. We made custom shirts, which I sold here on...
  3. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    Truly beautiful tool.
  4. ddbowdoin

    The Great Movie Ride: Final Show!

    Super sad... man, I hate missing the end of these classic attractions!
  5. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    The misery of waiting to develop color sheet film... lol
  6. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    I spent a week traveling South through PA and onwards to Smoky Mountain NP via Shenandoah and the Skyline Drive. I hauled this 4x5 on the road.
  7. ddbowdoin

    Travel Camera

    I could see that... a small book and an iphone7 could work.
  8. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    Cabot Trail, Cape Breton - Nova Scotia
  9. ddbowdoin

    Travel Camera

    It depends on your expectations. The iphone is a powerful tool but has many limitations. What it really all boils down to is what do you want to do with the pictures. If you want to print them and make scrap books etc, you'll need a real camera. The iphone work is deceptive as it looks...
  10. ddbowdoin

    Wannabe Photographer

    The only way to get better is to do it, every single day. Also, investing in even a low end printer helps. You can make cheap, small prints and let work sit with you.
  11. ddbowdoin

    Trip Report A Photograph Is Worth a Thousand Posts: Disneyland in Monochrome

    Man, came back into this link for some nostalgia and almost brought a tear to the eye. Well, I am trying to come back to the forum slowly. My whole world changed recently and its starting to come back from its shattered pieces. One day I woke up and said to myself, "I can't do this anymore"...
  12. ddbowdoin

    WDW Photographers Gallery (all images welcome)

    Plum Island, Newburyport MA - May 2017
  13. ddbowdoin

    Sony A9 unveiled

    sometimes we have to look past MTF charts. I'm sure the G and GM lenses are beautiful but I have serious questions about a consumer electronics company and their commitment to their market base. They seem to just come out with a new model rather than improving issues.
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