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    The Imagineering Break Room

    You know you like it:hilarious:
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    The Imagineering Break Room

    Changed my name because why not.
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    The Imagineering Break Room

    That's actually oh so perfect.
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    The Imagineering Break Room

    You were right @spacemt354! :joyfull:
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    Imagineering Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    Thanks @Pionmycake! Really appreciate it!
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    The Imagineering Break Room

    I would like to make one last post before I leave the forums:) I first discovered the forum by reading Imagineering competitions on here. Needless to say, I became hooked right away! I've had a ton of fun here, and I'm definitely going to miss this place. It has been a wonderful few years, and...
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    The Imagineering Break Room

    It's been a good run everyone, but I'm leaving the forums. Keep all of your imaginations flowing!
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    Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary: Happiest Celebration

    I liked how colorful everything is. I guess it sort of sums up Japan!:)
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    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    As new things open, DLP will get some new life. In the meantime... it's a wonderful resort!
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    1902 Carthay Circle

    I read through some of the posts just now, and I'm really impressed. The concept is unique, the ideas are really intriguing, and I love that Hong Kong is getting some love:). Something to look into is how does everything work together. Akin to how the Force binds everything in the Star Wars...
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    Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion

    Take a jab at this: Also, here's a better place for this discussion: Zootopia Thread.
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    Rumor Pixar's Coco coming to the Mexico Pavilion

    Eh, Coco was by far the better film when compared to the two above. Zootopia was also great, but it wouldn't really fit anywhere unless they have some serious cash for HWS, but it's a catch 22 as they don't want to spend money, but they only want to build IPs. Honestly, since they like IPs so...
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    Tokyo Disneyland Resort Expansion

    Construction progress on Beauty & The Beast from the monorail. The sheer scale of this is huge. It's truly epic what the OLC is doing. Photo was taken last week.
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    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    My point still stands. The entire Tomorrowland in shanghai is curvy and has different levels and has the same lighting timed with TRON. There are not really any straight lines in Shanghai. WDW’s Tomorrowand will never have that level of connection. It’s like Radiator Springs Racers without the...
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