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  1. Dasnowz

    New DAK Cast Member

    they have to work a certain number of hours per quarter/year. its based on their availability. I know some who are snow birds and some who work summer. it just depends on their schedule.
  2. Dasnowz

    New DAK Cast Member

    they schedule seasonal before part time. Seasonal tell Disney when they are open to work and Disney works around that. When I worked in parking the seasonal people would have full schedules and we were scrambling for a few hours. I asked why and was told part time are lowest priority. There are...
  3. Dasnowz

    New DAK Cast Member

    actually seasonal go before part time to ensure they can get their hours in on their availability.
  4. Dasnowz

    Part-time Questions (WDW)

    you can work more hours but they will cap your hours after a few months and no more shifts until your average goes under 24.
  5. Dasnowz

    Questions about recasting for medical reasons

    You most likely have been placed on a leave for recasting. They can take up to one year to recast you from your first date off work. Send your ability case manager an email. Be very patient. They send a lot of emails around to managers and proprietors before you are cast. They want to make sure...
  6. Dasnowz

    Not the Friendly company they portray

    had the fmla papers been approved will be a big thing. IF they were simply filed or he had them but not turned in then he does not fall under fmla rules. There are so many things in play here that I am sorry to say he will most likely have to wait the 6 months and reapply. They may make him wait...
  7. Dasnowz

    Ghirardelli at Disney Springs cm benefits?

    if they are a vendor then no. They have a green id and no privileges.
  8. Dasnowz

    Lake Patrol

    lake patrol is not security its under recreation. life guards, small boat rentals, etc...
  9. Dasnowz

    Tramway project and security relocation at TTC.

    the new big canapys at resort docks are indeed for security.
  10. Dasnowz

    Just got hire as a parking lot attendant, where do you park?

    you park in woody. its across the street. you cross in the cross walk between the polynesian and ttc. your locker will be in ttc if there are any available. its hot. its sweaty. its tiring. you will need new shoes every 2 or 3 months. you will literally melt your soles in the summer. no joke on...
  11. Dasnowz

    Little confused?

    many people will go through to face to face interviews and find out no rehire status at the point. you were termed for a reason and have points. I would not hold out hope on this. come to terms and move on.
  12. Dasnowz

    Tramway project and security relocation at TTC.

    the reasoning behind this is because of the lack of security on the boats. This is for everyone's safety. The guy that did pulse night club was on ferries a few weeks before. i for one will be glad to see this. If done right this could make things go a lot smoother with more areas for bag check...
  13. Dasnowz

    Tramway project and security relocation at TTC.

    i have not personally seen the new layout just know its happening.
  14. Dasnowz

    2016 Drug Testing for Call Center Reps?

    disney does drug tests. get the letter and have it placed in your record. Usually one at start of employment and random after that.
  15. Dasnowz

    Tramway project and security relocation at TTC.

    planters are being removed. ttc is totally being renovated. security is being moved to ttc. now. tram loading areas are moving.
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