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  1. cslafferty

    Getting to the parks from Ft Wilderness

    We have a travel trailer and have reservations in the preferred loops, so we’ll be closer to the boat dock. We have a golf cart reserved.
  2. cslafferty

    Getting to the parks from Ft Wilderness

    I should mention we like to park hop and go back in the afternoons to rest before going back to the parks in the evenings.
  3. cslafferty

    Getting to the parks from Ft Wilderness

    Have been going to WDW for YEARS, but this is our first time staying at the Fort. All of our other trips we have only used Disney transportation because we didn’t have a car. This time we will. I know we can take the ferry to MK, but is it better/faster to drive to the other parks or take the...
  4. cslafferty

    Space 220

    Anyone know what time they switch from the lunch menu to dinner? I’d like to make a late lunch reservation so we can park hop to Epcot instead of having to make a park reservation. Trying also to avoid having to pay the dinner price - most in our travel party agreed they’d pay once to experience...
  5. cslafferty

    Yorkshire County Fish Shop????

  6. cslafferty

    News 'Disney Enchantment' fireworks dessert parties coming soon to Magic Kingdom

    If they were doing it from the Main Street train station, I would consider it. We did an after party the first time we saw HEA and the Plaza Garden area was nice and not packed in like sardines, with a great view of the castle projections. But with the new show, you’ll miss all the projections...
  7. cslafferty

    News Walt Disney World holidays 2021

    Any more news on the Candlelight Processional?
  8. cslafferty

    Is the Magic Band selection going to get any better?

    Not only is the selection in MDE bad, but it’s not much better on Disney Store.com either. Are they having supply issues or are they just not going to carry many?
  9. cslafferty

    News Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog - attraction discussion only

    Exactly. I’m 61 and I’ve never seen all of SotS. My kids are in their 30’s and have never seen any of it and don’t know the characters. But they loved the ride because it was a water ride with a big drop. It is visually iconic, but that his very little, if anything, to do with the movie. Time...
  10. cslafferty

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    Haven’t done a BG since park reservations became a thing - do you need a park reservation for that park if your BG is later in the day, or can you park hop there?
  11. cslafferty

    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    They have not posted park hours yet for Nov and Dec. I am SPECULATING that they will close the park to day guests sometime around 8pm or after the DE fireworks to give them time to clear out before the after hours event officially starts. Remember, day guests who are in line for an attraction at...
  12. cslafferty

    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    I believe Disney’s Most Merriest starts at 9pm and ends at 1am. We have tickets for Dec 10 and that’s the hours for that night
  13. cslafferty

    Magic Band vs Apple watch

    Curious to hear from those who have tried using your Apple Watch in place of a Magic Band. Does it work as well as Disney says it should? Trying to minimize my he amount of “bands” I need to wear!
  14. cslafferty

    News Disney Very Merriest After Hours

    When we went to MVMCP in 2019 the park closed to day guests at 6pm and the party didnt officially start until 7pm. With DVMAH not starting until 9pm and them doing DE, I’m speculating DE will be at 7:45ish and park closure to day guests will be right after that at 8:00ish - but that’s just...
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