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Ft Wilderness - Reserving a cabin AND campsite


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DH and I will be bringing our daughter and her family to the Fort. We want to reserve a cabin for them, and a campsite for us and our RV. Which loops are closest to the cabins?


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Your best bet is to check out the FW camp map. The cabins are all over the place. Most are in the same loops, but there are cabins interspersed in several smaller loops. You could try making your reservations by phone and letting the CM know what your intentions are.

Diesel Dan

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We have done this before. 1100,2100,2000 camping loops. 2200,2300 Cabin Loops are close together. About a 5 minute walk between them. 1100 is the nicest loop. 2000 is mostly tent & small RV sites. 2100 is less private, more open sites. I would request camping in loop 1100 and cabin loop 2200 but any combo will work. Like someone said in an earlier post there are 2 cabins in Loop 100 that are in the loop with the campsites. They may be hard to get. Have fun planning your trip!
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