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  1. cmb5002

    News Epcot Forever to debut as interim show before full Reflections of Earth replacement

    After watching the stream, I don't think it's aweful. I really enjoyed the Tapestry of Nations and Golden Dream segments. Everything else was thoroughly meh. I don't know that anything will every replace ROE in my heart. Too many good memories are associated with that show. I was hoping the...
  2. cmb5002

    News Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine to possibly impact the theme parks this weekend

    Ditto. Arriving at MCO at 8:35am. I'm not worried about the parks, more about my flight.
  3. cmb5002

    Noob Mistakes You Made During Your First WDW Visit

    Not my first trip, but my first with my now wife. Planned to propose at the wishing well in MK on January 22. Forgot about the crane. Doh!
  4. cmb5002

    Next Gen Busses

    I'll disagree on this. Wraps can be done well. Tronorail and Zootopia being good examples in my opinion. These wraps though are very obnoxious. I don't understand why the images have to be so large that they have to crop the character's face.
  5. cmb5002

    Next Gen Busses

    Love the inside. Not a huge fan of the outside. While the outside does have characters like the Skyliner, it still doesn't match the style. Skyliner characters are only in the window and show a somewhat classy bottom half. The buses just have the character smeared over the entire exterior...
  6. cmb5002

    I notices some upgrades to LWTL and star tours

    I'd be happy if they changed the bulb in the old projector. It was very dim leading to a terrible image on screen on my last trip. If they upgraded I'd be thrilled. I'll get to see for myself in 12 days.
  7. cmb5002

    Time in resort vs. Park

    I've always been one to take a mid day break. My wife likes her naps and trips to the pool, and I don't mind an afternoon beer and some snacks while we wind down from a busy morning. Having a toddler now for our trip will make that mid-day break even more important before heading back to the...
  8. cmb5002

    Best Extinct WDW Foods

    So much this. And I didn't have to fight Starbucks fans to get a danish.
  9. cmb5002

    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    While I agree it will be a swing bridge, a drawbridge does not require any cabling necessarily. Drawbridges can operate exclusively with hydraulic pistons.
  10. cmb5002

    Best Extinct WDW Foods

    Lots of issues moving around in there for the characters though. The layout of LTT is pretty tight.
  11. cmb5002

    Star Wars Launch Bay coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year

    Oh yeah, that'd be great for the kids. I can see it now. "Derogatory Warning: Keep your sticky hands off me tiny meatbag, or I will fulfill my programming and kill you." 🤣
  12. cmb5002

    Epcot Hotels

    I've stayed at Boardwalk, Dolphin, and Yacht Club. I've also stayed at CB, but don't really consider that an Epcot resort. Yacht Club was recently refurbed when we went and we loved the room. Amazing pool. My only complaint was that the walk to and from HS is longer than Boardwalk. Dolphin...
  13. cmb5002

    Per Jim Hill, the Star Wars restaurant is coming.

    We should rejoice any time Disney ADDS to a project, even if it was something that was part of the original concept that didn't make the cut.
  14. cmb5002

    Overnight parking charges to increase at Walt Disney World Resort hotels June 2019

    If money were charged for DS garages, RCID would get the money, not Disney. The only way Disney could collect any potential parking fees at DS would be if RCID sold the garages to Disney, and I do believe they would be required to sell it at a fair market value as they are a government entity...
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