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  • Well, I have moved back to NJ now and, apparently, since there was an issue with transferring me back to being seasonal in rails or boats after my last role, I got dumped by Casting, instead. Of course, I miss Disney lots, so I am going to try to use my connections to get back in or, possibly, go to work at World of Disney NYC, since that is run by WDW.

    Have you been back to Epcot to work boats since you finished your program? There have been quite a few changes to the way things are done and the boats are all nice and shiny after getting refurbed. Just talking about them makes me want to fly down there and drive one right now! :D
    Hey neighbor =) My boyfriend is from Riverside. Glad to see there's more WDW fans around here :wave:
    Haha..Yep.First went in 1993.Fell in love with it.:D How did you get into EPCOT?

    How did you find out my age?I rarely give it out.:lol:
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