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  1. brandonz

    Is Disney closing some stores?

    It's not true. The 98 stores they are talking about have already closed. From what I recall the last store to close happened either in June or July. Either way no more stores are closing. If they were to close an additional that would be half the chain, which I don't see happening.
  2. brandonz

    Disney Stores Closing

    Unfortunately that cast member may be a bit misinformed. I work at a store in PA and we are in fact staying open and I don't work at either Rockvale or Hershey. A bunch of others are staying open as well but a little farther south in the Philly region. There are lists online stating which are...
  3. brandonz

    Disney to buy back Disney Store chain

    Just out of curiosity what store were you in? I see that your location says you are from Northeast PA, so am I. It's nerve racking not knowing if your job is safe. I just wish they would release some information so my fellow cast members and I can have some peace of mind.
  4. brandonz

    A Crackdown On Seasonal Cast Members who were in the College Program??

    That's exactly why I went seasonal after my program. I had to come home and finish school and planned on moving down when I was done in August '07 and figured being seasonal would make the transition easier. Lets just say when I found out from my friend not a manager I wasn't very happy. When I...
  5. brandonz

    A Crackdown On Seasonal Cast Members who were in the College Program??

    I was a cp in spring 06 and turned seasonal when my program ended and worked from the beginning of May until the end of July as a seasonal cm. Called down and was told I was going to be scheduled over my spring break only to find out when I got down there I was termed. Needless to say my...
  6. brandonz

    Official Photography Contest 3/16/07 - 3/22/07 Hidden Mickeys

    <img src="http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/6718/spacemickeycopyhb7.jpg"> taken in the gift shop at Mission Space last week. the mickey is hidden in the stars on the ceiling.
  7. brandonz

    Win & Watch the Trailer for Pirates 3

    i got the same email today for the philly event that is in NJ. im not sure if i have work yet or not on sunday but if i dont im going to try and go, its about a 2 hour drive from my place.
  8. brandonz

    Creative Media Contest 5: Pop Century!

    Here is my attempt at it. It turned out a little better than I thought.
  9. brandonz

    The Great College Program Roll Call List

    Name: Brandon Arrival Date: Jan. 13 Departure Date: May 19 Role: Merchandise Didn't request a particular place but hopefully will get to work in a park.
  10. brandonz

    Can anyone recommend a photographer?

    I had my high school senior pics taken at Disney last year. I had one of disney's photographers do them, I believe his name was Dean. It was for an hour right when the park opened. I think in that hour he took about 150 pics but narrowed it down to about 55 proofs. Overall the pictures were...
  11. brandonz

    Haunted Mansion Giveaway!

  12. brandonz

    Wallpaper Contest #21 - Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

    my entry hi everyone. here is my entry. Im glad my pics from my tripw to wdw in July finally get to be used:sohappy:
  13. brandonz

    Wallpaper Contest #20 - Splash Mountain

    Here's mine. It's an okay entry but im sure there will be plenty more amazing entries...can't wait to see them!!!
  14. brandonz

    Wallpaper Contest #19

    My entry Well it took me a while to get the Marlin and Dory pic just right but here is my entry. Not exactly what i wanted but what are ya do using the program that came on your computer...:( :lol: Everyone's entries look awesome! EDIT:I already changed it a little bit...i added a hidden...
  15. brandonz

    Wallpaper Contest # 17

    Here is my first contest entry for a wallpaper. I hope to enter more in the future. Just a quick note on my entry...if you all look close you can see a small glimpse of Mission:Ladder :lol: :lookaroun :lol:
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