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  1. bebert

    News Disney mask policy at Walt Disney World theme parks

    Spot on, they need to define outdoor que or specifically list attractions. I have heard similar stories of over the top CM's enforcing the rule when a line is no where near the attraction.
  2. bebert

    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    Best resort on property, still mind blowing its been closed this long.
  3. bebert

    Park hopping options? What???

    Not park hopping but, are they allowing re-entry into the same park on the same day? Just booked for the week after Christmas and trying to understand all the changes. Hopefully hopping is back by then, I'm sure it wont be.
  4. bebert

    Best face mask for touring WDW

    Thank you, great tip. Planning to visit the week after Christmas. Looks like I will need a backpack after all to hold all the spare masks we may need.
  5. bebert

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Thinking about all the ques that may be shutdown due to the requirements. Stretching room in HM, Dino ride in AK.
  6. bebert

    Pre-Trip It's been a while......

    Flight of passage is AWESOME!!! You'll love it.
  7. bebert

    Trip Report Updated Trip Report: July 7th to July 13th

    Heading to WDW for a week in the Cabins at FW. This will be our first time staying in the cabins so we are excited for this new Disney experience. Our family has changed quite a bit since I started this thread in 2015. Ashley is now in high school, Caroline a middle schooler, Luke is now in...
  8. bebert

    Trip Report Updated Trip Report: July 7th to July 13th

    Updating my trip report for the our next trip to WDW. Kai is no longer a baby and my oldest Ashley is now a high schooler...yikes.
  9. bebert

    Where in WDW is your “happy place”?

    I think it sticks out for me as we usually do TT towards the end of the day so we spend some time relaxing in the sitting area outside the ride.
  10. bebert

    Pre-Trip Beauty & The Beards Reunited!! Sponsored by Smoked Turkeys...

    My family will be there the same time, I will be on the look out for the beards! I will be the easy to spot dad with a stroller, 4 kids and we will be walking side by side as I know that drives people crazy! Have a great trip!
  11. bebert

    POFQ or POR?

    French Quarter because of the size and the food court has a nice selection.
  12. bebert

    Where in WDW is your “happy place”?

    For some reason I like the sound of the cars running the track outside Test Track, not sure why but, I do find it relaxing.
  13. bebert

    Craft Beer

    Orange Blossom is local as well and very good. Check out their website.
  14. bebert

    Just Back and a few complaints

    As much as I am not a fan of more security for safety sake ( I think it is all just a dog and pony show), I deal with the bag checks. I also came to WDW voluntarily with a stroller and at least one bag to carry essentials needed for myself and my 4 kids for the day. I am not going to blame WDW...
  15. bebert

    Just Back and a few complaints

    Nice to see a fellow Cincinnatian on the forum.
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