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Zootopia Coming To Shanghai


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Although Fisher didn’t reference them much, a couple of models from the Zootopia land coming to Shanghai Disneyland could also be seen by our tour group. From what I could see, it looked like it’ll be one street with various small buildings on either side, leading up to a large facade, very similar to the concept art below. At the end of the street, there will be an “E-Ticket” ride in a large building behind the facade.​

What I Learned:
  • The Zootiopia land coming to Shanghai Disney seems as though it’ll consist of some stores, shops and one big E-Ticket ride.


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This description really makes me think of Minion Park at USJ, although the simulator is not an E.
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If they ever build Zootopia at AK, they should build it on that massive expansion pad in the northeast corner of the park that sits right behind Expedition Everest and directly east of the RPW train station, and they should additionally create an alternate walking entrance to the land from the Asia section for those who don't want to take the train to Zootopia. Also, they should save Dinoland for a new Indiana Jones land dedicated to Indy himself studying South American dinosaurs as well as Inca culture.370428


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Anyone know or recognize where precisely (as in the exact location, not general land) this photo was taken? I've been curious as to where this expansion will be and this might be a clue.
My immediate question also, let me investigate

It kind of looks like the side of Pooh? Between SDMT and Pooh?


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In the context of Zootopia, Zootopia is a city so there is a sense to “City of Zootopia” if this is supposed to be something like a city logo or seal.

The Chinese appears to be 疯狂动物城 (“crazy animal city”), the movie’s Chinese title.
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