YouTuber runs secret marathon through WDW


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Just stumbled across a YouTuber named Isaiahphoto who posted a video of himself running a “secret marathon” through wdw. Basically he spent the day running through all 4 parks and was concerned about security stopping him. Did anyone else see this?
My big questions though are…
1- how did he not get in trouble for doing this stunt while holding a selfie stick the whole time?
2- why did he think wearing a very loud shirt and Mickey ears (as a cartoon stereotype of a “Disney dad”) would make him blend in rather than stand out?
3- what ticket did he have since he hopped to all 4 parks in the same day?
4- did he really think it was called the millennial falcon?

Anyway, just poked around internet to see if anyone was talking about this and couldn’t find anything so figured I’d come here and ask.


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I watched it - I think he shot the background and then ran elsewhere, which is why the selfie stick rarely showed. There was no way he was running the paces he said he was, as his breathing never became labored. Also, in the end his time showed just under 5 hours, yet he said he spent 3 in MK.


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Secret marathon? More like click bait. No one runs that distance and isn’t somewhat out of breath. He does at times slow down to a walk when security or CM's are near, but then continues his run. That period of walking isnt enough of a break to make a difference. Also AK being the hottest of the parks would be brutal to keep up the pace he wants us to believe hes setting.
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