Your recommendation for a good steak in the EPCOT area.


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Hello All,

Our current touring plan puts us in EPCOT one evening with Dad’s turn to select where to eat. As I am a self-confessed Puma, which of the following restaurants would you recommend for steak. Shula’s, Yachtsman, or Le Cellier? We want to watch the show after dinner, so we don’t want to leave and come back.

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Eric Graham

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We've eaten at Shula's Steakhouse and I thought that it was such very great steak, and of course very exceptional service. You won't be disappointed at all. Enjoy!
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As I mentioned in another recent steak thread, I think Yachtsman is overpriced for the quality of what you get. We've dined a number of times at Shula's and have never been disappointed. I don't think it is as good as when we first went there and they'd initially bring out a menu on a football and the room was so dark you couldn't read it but it's still decent steak.

Never eaten at Le Cellier, so I cannot comment on them.

Read through the thread below. It has all of the restaurants you mentioned in it and various comments about each one.

Steak at Walt Disney World
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Meega, nala kwishta!
We didn't much care for Shula's. We like Yachtsman, but haven't been there in at least 5 years, so with the others neg options, maybe its changed over that time. Le Cellier has always been hit or miss for us. We are trying it again this fall when we go, so here's to hoping it is a hit this time.

But, one place that has never disappointed us since it's opened is Steakhouse 71. We've gone there four times and has been a hit every time for us. I've also had good steaks at Topolino's Terrace, Jiko, and Narcoossee's too.

Have fun, and enjoy the food!

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