Trip Report You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than ... Nope. Piglet Goes Dopey

Hi everyone, welcome to my trip report. I’ve been reading lots of other reports and have really enjoyed them so thought I’d join in the fun. We’ve been back home for a week now, photos are sorted and it’s about time I got round to doing this.

I did write a pre-trip report (A Dopey Dream) but I’m a bit technically challenged and don’t know how to link it, so I’ll go over a few details.



Me, Sharon aka Piglet. About to celebrate a scary big birthday (50) next month. This was one of the reasons for the trip. Husband, Darren, older than me 😂. Alice, turned 13 while we were there, and Lexi, 10. We live in Milton Keynes, UK and are DVC members. One day I will find a photo of all of us together that isn’t completely hideous.

Where and When:

Saratoga Springs Resort January 1st to January 13th
Cruising on the Disney Dream January 13th to January

Extras bits:

While we were there I just happened to run a couple of little races. 5k, 10k, half marathon, first ever full marathon. Just the sort of thing that normal people do while they’re on holiday.


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Wednesday 15th January: Castaway Cay day (cont)

Luckily Alice shook off her disappointment pretty quickly, it’s very hard to stay sad on Mickey’s island. We all really needed to freshen up after our races, and as lunch was still quite a way off, needed something to eat. So back to the ship we went, stopping for some medal photos on the way back.


We stopped at Cabanas on our way back and loaded up a plate to take back to the room. Quick showers and change into beach clothes and we were ready to relax on the island for the day.

The view on the way out.


And we walked down to the family beach area. It was an absolutely beautiful day, hot but not ridiculously so, a light breeze and just a few puffy clouds in the sky. Perfect beach weather.




We usually set up camp at the furthest end of the family beach, in the past we’ve found it to be quiet and it’s close to the bar and food areas. But we were quite late arriving because of the races, and our usual spot was already taken 😭. We hunted around for a bit to try to find another quietish area, we were hoping to find some empty loungers with a few other groups of empty loungers around them, we didn’t want to be surrounded by too many people. We finally found somewhere suitable and settled in for the day.


Next important job, get my refillable drinks mug. I think I started with a mojito, I know it wasn’t even lunchtime yet but I had been up since before 5 and it felt like it was time for a little drink.



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Oh how I miss the beach. I only live about an hour and a half drive to the beach. But not go thanks to my buddy Pandemic. That visit to the family beach looks so idyllic. I love a good mojito.


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Wednesday 15th January: Castaway Cay day (cont)

We took a break from our relaxing to eat at Cookies Too BBQ. It’s quite a basic menu compared to the food available on the ship (burgers, hot dogs, chicken, etc) but there’s plenty of it and it’s pretty tasty.

Lexi never seems to wear a hat properly


After lunch it was back for more relaxing.



On our previous visits to Castaway Cay, we’d always played a silly game with the girls. We would build a sandcastle each and put the Fab Five figures on top of them. Then we would wait for the tide to wash away the sand to see which character was the last one standing, for some reason Pluto always seemed to win. This time though the girls decided that they were too old to play the game 😭. It made me a little bit sad, maybe I should have played by myself. So a photo of the game from a previous cruise.


More drinks were had


And lots of playing in the sea


The day was over far too quickly, we had really had an amazing time on the island. Some photos on the way back to the ship.





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Oh how I miss the beach. I only live about an hour and a half drive to the beach. But not go thanks to my buddy Pandemic. That visit to the family beach looks so idyllic. I love a good mojito.
We’ve had some really hot weather in the UK over the last few weeks and seeing some crazy photos from the beaches. People just packed in. As much as I’d like a nice beach day, you couldn’t pay me to go to them at the moment.

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