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You are a Disney uberfan if....


Well-Known Member
When your students ask how many days until the final and your answer is, "I don't know, but there are 105 days until WDW." (happened today)
When your students say the number 999 (in French) and you finish (in English) with the spiel from The Haunted Mansion.
When your text alert is "Oh boy!"
When your ringtone is the WDW Main Street Electrical Parade
When your keys make tons of noise - with only 1 key and tons upon tons of Mickey key chains.
When speaking of summer plans, people only ask, "So when are you going this time?"


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...you have enough Disney movie and theme park audio to play on a continuous loop for several days without repeating a track.

(BTW, I recently bought a Sonos system to allow me to stream all of my audio from my computer to speakers anywhere in my house -- I am now in Disney audio heaven)


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when you have a spread sheet itinerary completed for your next 3 trips that aren't even scheduled yet...you got to be ready!

This is me! I only go once a year, so I usually only do one itinerary at a time, but if I know that we'll be skipping a park one year, I'll immediately create an itinerary for the next trip with the missed park scheduled for the first day.

Doug Means

Well-Known Member
Your actually a bit sad because it is now past 60 days till your trip and all of your planning is done! :rolleyes:
ALL OF YOUR PLANNING IS DONE? its hard to believe, because i can review and adjust the plans everyday until the trip is over, then start planning and adjusting the next trip...Lol

I am Timmy

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The bartender at the California Grill recognizes you each year, and you've had a drink at the Adventurer's Club. Kungaloosh in memorium!
I have the Adventurer's Club plaque in my guest bathroom! I paired it with an old pith helmet I got on ebay (among other collectibles I've aquired over the years). I've decorated that space in honor of the Club, we used to take our boys there (yeah, it was a little risque for kids, but they didn't get a lot of it back then - and they loved going there right after our visit to the improv!). We still randomly yell Kungaloosh! at each other. Come in a stranger, leave a little stranger.....

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