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Yak and Yeti Restaurant closed today for maintenance


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Yet again more unplanned restaurant maintenance. Did we ever find out what was going on?


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I'm here now and got an email to change my ADR for tomorrow, as they will be closed. They offered assistance with finding other ADRs and adjusting passes via a phone line


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Maybe a little picky but rather than posting "Yak & Yeti Closed today for maintenance" it would really be helpful to post something like "Yak & Yeti Closed 7/20/17 for maintenance". "Today" is worse than useless after today, it is inaccurate. It could cause a lot of confusion if you had ADRs for the place "today." Please include the date in the post so readers don't have to try to figure out when you are talking about please.
I wonder what they do about people who have ADRs when there is an unplanned closing. Do they get any sort of preference for seating at other restaurants or are they just out of luck?
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