Wolfgang Puck's still open?


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I read a few months back that Wolfgang Puck's was going to "close" but I haven't found any further info on this. I don't know if they meant the larger restaurant or one of the Express dines. Does anyone have this information?


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Wolfgang Express is still open in the Marketplace, but the sit down Wolfgangs has met its demise at the hands of the wrecking crew. There is also a new Wolfgangs going up next to Coca Cola in Town Center.


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The sit down restaurant met it’s end when Levy took it over. It still existed, but the quality fell through the floor. It is now a gutted skeleton.

The quick service, which remained Wolfgang owned, kept up the quality and is still open.

Excited that Wolfgang will own the new restaurant next to Coca Cola.


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I've heard very good things about the Express locations, that's actually the one I can't wait to try.

Eaten at the one in Marketplace several times. You order at a walk up counter, but they serve you at your table. The pizza is excellent. And they have covered outdoor eating. Never disappointed with our food.

Sad to hear that the TS restaurant had declined. We enjoyed the meals we ate there...especially that sangria, lol. Will be excited to try his new place in Town Centre.

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