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Will the Pooh ban affect SDL


Well-Known Member
I like how out of all the images of Winnie the Pooh, they pick those 2. He looks nothing like the president of China.


Well-Known Member
Nothing for the resort itself.

But now, instead of saying "Winnie the Pooh" on social media, people will have to be a bit creative.

W!nn!e the Pøøh
Pinnie the Wooh
Give me the Shoe
Our baby of a president

It's such a childish and pointless ban. They're only fueling the fire.


Well-Known Member
They're doing this because it essentially became a harmless meme. And since they have some sort of reelections soon he wants to be viewed as above man.

Censorship is something I oppose with a passion, so it's very very sad.


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Those 2 images of Winnie the Pooh aren't even Disney produced. That is work most likely made by an at-home artist making fun of this guy and it paid off, lol. Silly little power moves. That's a communist country for ya.