Why is there such limited Fastpass availability?

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We were booking fast passes for a July 9-16 trip, and selection was super limited. I know it has something to do with the closure, but hwy exactly is it?


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Considering they dont have a published opening date, nor at what density of guests they will allow you're lucky you get that.


We were booking fast passes for a July 9-16 trip, and selection was super limited. I know it has something to do with the closure, but hwy exactly is it?
As said above - unknown operations conditions. They don't currently know if the parks will be open, what attractions will be operating, and what capacity they will have available. I am surprised they are accepting any FP+.


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My hairdresser is re-opening next week. She's only taking 4-5 people a day and assigning 2 hours to each client so she can clean and sanitize between clients. Perhaps Disney is also identifying some constraints regarding how many guests each attraction can serve per hour, density of guests, how many CMs will be working, etc.

Also, perhaps they have identified some attractions that they will not re-open right away. Perhaps its better to not let people get FPs if than to take them away later.

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Well I expect there were a lot of people that booked FD, plus people that had to reschedule their trips, plus many people are probably available at 7am eastern right now when some may have been working before, plus the parks will have limited capacity so that automatically means limited FP.


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We just booked FP this morning for July 10-18. The 16th, 17th and 18th has decent availability. The 10th-14th not much. That’s been my experience the past few trips. Of course, I was making FP for 11 people early in the trip. Dropped to 7 later then just 4 the last day. What you want, when you want it and how long you’re there make a big difference in FP choices.


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We arrive 7/12 and depart 7/25 so we're lucky we have a lot of days available. Made reservations this morning. EPCOT was pretty much wide open, MK was too except for 7DMT which was +3 days from arrival. The rest of the big ones Slinky, Millennium, Mickey's railway, FOP I had to wait for +4-5, but we were able to get everything we wanted and with everything being different due to the pandemic I'm glad to have the extra days and time. Here's to hoping they're open in July!

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I guess it's moot now, but our selection was extremely limited when making our reservations a few days ago. The E tickets were already taken, and not even late evening slots were available. This was the same before our last two trips. I really don't enjoy the whole FP+ thing. Nothing like waking up early, adjusting my commute and work schedule just to start my day by working through a wonky UI, getting frustrated for an hour, and never being able to book desired attractions.

Luckily for me, Living with the Land is one of my favorite attractions.
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