Why do they keep teasing dreamfinder?


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I will never Expect Imagination to be what it once was but why do they keep teasing Dreamliner. Once again if he came back I’d imagine it would just be an overlay. Journey into Imagination is the only attraction that has a thin chance of becoming a true Epcot Attraction.

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Well the largest part of it is they ‘know’ how beloved & hot selling the original Journey Into Imagination attraction & Figment and Dreamfinder characters in general are. But the other part is that I believe people internally have been pushing for them to restore the attraction back to it’s former glory with the proper, tasteful tech & spfx upgrades. I believe at this point, it really just has to do with timing. Keep the faith folks… once Chapek’s finally out.. I think there’s a much higher chance of it becoming reality… and no, I ‘don’t’ think it’s gonna be another lame overlay like they did the last time (in ‘02) by shoehorning Figment into every scene to interfere with the last failed IP host & tie-in (Honey, I Shrunk franchise & Dr. Nigel Channing) iteration.

also, here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas & happy new year. God bless ❤️


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Dreamfinder fans are just chomping at the bit to see him return. Hes always been a highly popular character but Disney isnt ready to sink $$$ into Figment to refurb to make him a returning main character yet. Stay tuned.

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I don't mean to be offensive, but I can't recall Dreamfinder from my youth, there might not as big a legion of fans for him as one could hope, but then again I still pine for Mr. Toad to return, so what do I know.

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WHAT!? All the speculation above is way off! HERE'S why the Dreamfinder hasn't returned so far!
Happy Holiday's y'al!🎄

Dreamfinder Accused of Stealing

21-0109 Dreamfinder Arrested-parody press-not posted.jpg


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This year they're bringing back lots of "oldies" like Orange Bird for the 50th, would be nice if they brought back something similar to the original ride with Dreamfinder, the current ride feels like a huge waste of space... but if it hadn't been for the pandemic, there would have been a lot of changes to Epcot. I'm hoping "new Dreamfinder plans" have just been sidelined "for now"


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They did have Dreamfinder’s Dream Mobile on a WDW 50th Calendar.
They had the Dream Catcher from MouseGears at the Destination D event. But, that's going into the archives..So I'd doubt will ever see a new version of it unless they redo the Finale as that section seems to be the biggest section of the ride and the best reveal for it..

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I've heard that there were plans to bring Dreamfinder back in the 2000s, but the budget for the redo was stolen by the Seas With Nemo and Friends. Then there were plans to do it again in 2014, but Frozen Ever After stole the budget. And I distinctively remember hearing on here that the Splash Mountain retheme stole the budget for another Imagination redo, but I can't remember where.


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It would take MONEY and some Imagination to get Dreamfinder back. Something TWDC corporate culture has had beaten out of it. Well accept for the Money part thats going to China and D+. Anything for the US Parks.......... yeah we can see how thats been going in the last 10 years or so................

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