Why close Snow White?

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I love Snow White because it is essentially an opera, and the older ride was so funhouse and a must on my first trip to Magic Kingdom in 1999.

It is the only Happy Meal where I have collected ALL even tho i had to get Doc in a thrift store 15 years later.

The new coaster just looks like Big Thunder with the mine scene and the retro cottage at the end. Nice nod to the old ride, tho.

Yep, I concur. I always feel theme parks should just add if they have the space. There's no need to take away a perfectly good attraction.

Universal could have put Harry Potter where Fear Factor Live's area is and Simpsons could have taken Animal Actors, Fievel, Curious George and Barney's spots. Since all of those attractions are far from good.


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Just to address all of the concerns of yet another M&G, I remember the time before there were ANY M&G locations.

The characters would walk through the parks, slowing down occasionally so the younger guests could interact with them.

It was crazy. Aggressive parents shoving their kids up front to meet a character, often pushing a young child aside (and sometimes to the ground). Back in the early 70s, this system worked. But by the late 80s, someone was going to get hurt.

Young children enjoy interacting with their favorite character more than going on an attraction. Hence, in my long experience, more M&Gs are an improvement.


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Are Princess Meet & greets really that popular? I thought Disney was moving away from them and that's why they have been changing the names of all their new movies and avoiding princesses in their marketing (see Tangled, Brave, Frozen) I think most kids go to Disney World for the rides and meeting the charecters are just an after thought. In fact when I was little the charecters used to walk around and randomly stop in certain areas of the park for pictures/hugs/etc. Why did that change?

I can assure Disney that if they replaced Snow White's Scary adventure with an Alice in Wonderland dark ride, that Pinocchio ride from Disneyland, or heck even Mr.Toad's Wild Ride they would get a FARRRR better return on investment.

Having kids and then grandkids, the younger ones go to meet the characters and the rides are an afterthought. And meeting characters changed when it became a crushing mob. I

’ve been from the early 70s through today with myself, my kids and grandkids.

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