Why buy water?


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I know this topic gets brought up three times a day, but I figured I'd post this tip as it's own.
We know water bottles cost a fortune if you buy them in the park, so they should be avoided.
I have seen posts telling folks to get free ice water at counter service. Yup, it's great but doesn't do much for your entire day in the park.
The next is people inquiring about buying cases of water and having it delivered to the room. That works, but why fill your room up with cases of water? I've also read about people leaving what they didn't drink in the laundry rooms for other guests when they weren't able to transport the leftovers home. Nice of people, but still, why load up in the first place?
We had the same problem and solved it by buying Brita water bottles before one of our trips. They pack easily and work well. You can buy them for around $9-$20 from Amazon or Walmart. The have replaceable filter cartridges making them reusable forever. They come in different colors and styles so everyone can have their own. Best of all, it really kills the sulfur taste you get from the Magic Kingdom water fountains.
Ok, that's my tip for this year! LOL
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Good tip! We do a hybrid approach: filter bottles to take on the plane (you can fill them up after passing through security) and to use in our hotel room, and free iced water at CS locations when we're in the parks (to save the weight and bulk of carrying water bottles with us).

The filter bottles are great, and they do really last. I think I bought mine on Amazon years ago and it's held up beautifully.
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