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Who's your Disney Babe?(Cast member)


New Member
:animwink:I find the girls at Epcot to be the best looking especially those working in the Italy pavillion and the Norway pavillion!:fork:


Well-Known Member
I don't know any names, but those girls in Norway hypnotize me everytime. I need to avoid that place so I can see the rest of World Showcase.


Well-Known Member
Any women in either the U.K., Canada, or Japan pavillions. I could spend hours in the UK shops just flir...talking and not buy a thing. :D


Well-Known Member

I really don't pay that much attention!

But, Maria...she seems nice & funny & wacky!:animwink:

And once again...lets not make this all freeky deeky! :p

Oh, and she taught me how to spell CIAO!


New Member
The international boys in the UK pavillion. I think maybe it's the accents that just... get to me be but alot of them are sweeties.


New Member
I'll second (or is it third) the comment about the Norwegian ladies. Some of the women in Canada are also babe-a-licious too (especially the ones with the heavy Canadian / Irish accent :) )


Well-Known Member
I just found myself a Disney babe. Of course it seems natural that the World's biggest Tapestry/Masquerade fan would fall for a Tapestry/Masquerade CM.:animwink: Happy Valentine's day to me!!!:kiss:


Well-Known Member
over the years...

over the various years the girls of Norway have stolen my heart. many years ago there was a Kristen that I was to the point of taking my breath away... she was so beautiful that even my wife understood my feelings of seeing her.


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