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Whos waiting for 2015 packages??


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So a quick search of the forums here showed from post around 2013 and 2014 that you can start booking these packages around the first of July. I am so ready to book my trip its not even funny. So with that said thought I would start a thread for those of us looking to book for 2015 and patiently waiting. :banghead:

What dates is everyone looking to book for next year??

I am wanting to book something mid Sept for Food and Wine. Maybe Free dining will hit around that time. However if it doesn't I may still book a dining package. So if we book for Sept 21st we only have 490 days to go.... :cautious: Worth the wait and will be teenager free and go with some friends. Win Win.


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I'm looking to book early 2015 (Jan/Feb), but I will wait till discounts come out. Feels like so long from now!

Hope you have a fabulous trip!
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Me! We start our trip on Jan 4. That puts our ADR date on July 8. Not sure if the packages will be out by then. I may have to book a room only first. Looking on MouseSavers, 2 years ago the pkg prices came out in June. It has been July since then, though.
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We traditionally take a 12-14 day WDW trip from approx. May 30-June 12. We are going to DLR this spring but will ba back to WDW next Spring if not before.
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