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Who Wants A Legend Of Sleepy Hollow Dark Ride?!


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In my opinion, The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow portion of The Adventures Of Ichabod And Mr. Toad is some of the best animation and storytelling work that Disney has ever done. And I mean, like, EVER. How many know that a dark ride based on this animation sequence was originally intended for the Magic Kingdom when it was being built until Roy decided that Walt Disney World should include the same rides that were found in Disneyland and scrapped that idea? Who thinks that this amazing animation sequence deserves more than a funnel cake stand in Liberty Square? I think with the popularity of Halloween in general, this ride would be huge. Who’s seen it? Did you enjoy it? And would you love a dark ride representation 🎃?
I think it's a great idea and it should be somewhere in Liberty square since it is in the time period.

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