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We want to stay at one of the Port Orleans resorts for an upcoming trip, and never have before. Which do you recommend? Which has more recently undergone refurbishment? My two older boys will be with us, 12 and 10, but we go in Feb, so I'm not worried about which one has better pools.
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we’ve stayed at the FQ twice & are returning this november. it’s a small, quiet resort. very compact. the rooms just had a makeover. it’s also a short walk to POR & i’ll admit the grounds at riverside are nicer than FQ.
riverside is pretty spread out if you’re not in a preferred location. for us, we prefer FQ for its size & charm. it’s just a matter of preference.


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POFQ has been our resort for many trips. They were refurbishing buildings when we were there in May. DS stayed at POR and he was very happy there. POFQ is smaller and quieter, it takes less time to get around. POR does have a better food court with more selections and a larger gift shop.


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French Quarter just finished their room refurbishments and they are currently working in the Alligator Bayou section of Riverside. If you want to guarantee a newer room pick POFQ. But I will always love Riverside! I like that it's larger and gives me more to explore. Plus, I prefer the food court at Riverside, however, we'll walk to FQ for their beignets :) I was in POR Building 35 (I think) in 2016 and it was next to the West Depot, which was the first bus stop for the theme parks. I loved getting on an empty bus in the mornings and the first stop at the end of the day, which made up for being a little further away from the lobby. There are also more room discounts available at Riverside if that's a factor in your decision but both resorts are great!


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Just back from POR and stayed in building 25 of Alligator Bayou. POR is currently going through a room refurb (our building had not been not done yet), and this includes quiet pool refurb's as well. The day after we checked in they had the jackhammers going during the day completely gutting the quiet pool adjacent to our building. Also, as pointed out elsewhere POR is quite spread out; we clocked the round trip walk from our room to the food court as being 3/4 of a mile.


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I prefer POFQ but ultimately went with POR because of a better rate. (I haven't stayed at a PO resort in some time.) I'm staying at POR in early December.

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Go with whatever ok next is cheaper both are great. If around same price French quarter is better with smaller kids as there is less walking , riverside has a better bar and more pools


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We just returned from POFQ (Aug 4-11) and stayed in a refurbed room in Building 6. As all have already mentioned - FQ is the smaller of the two with one bus station right outside the front entrance (versus the loop at POR). I have stayed at both resorts multiple times and really enjoy the uniqueness and theming of both - it's really just your personal preference and cost difference at the time of booking.

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Love the vibe at Riverside. Definitely feel the “Disney Bubble” here. Amazing that such a large resort can be so quiet. After busy day at the parks, nice to come back to fun with Bob Jackson, a stroll around Ole Man Island, a pretty cool food court, a boat ride to Disney Springs down the Sassagoula, or a carriage ride through the resort. All add to the wonderful ambience.


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French Quarter is my "go to" of the two. Love the atmosphere that comes along with this side of the resort. The pool is so fun and BEIGNETS! haha, not quite Café du Monde, but its great to enjoy with a cup of coffee!
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