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Whereabouts of old animatronics


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I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to: Alec Tronic, the heads he performed with, and the Audio Animatronics from Meet the World? I read online that after they were removed from Epcot, Alec and the heads were sent back to WDI in Glendale. Someone else said that he became Tom Morrow at Disneyland. This might be off-topic, but did Bill Farmer also provide the voices for the heads?

As for Meet the World, I saw that the Japanese Magistrate from either Act 2 or Act 3 was auctioned off back in 2015, but I want to know what happened to the other figures from the show. I'm assuming that the Crane and the two children in the hot air balloon basket were saved for the Archives, since they were the "hosts", but I'm not sure. Did the figures remain in Japan, where they were cannibalized for parts, or were they sent back to the States? Between the time that Meet the World closed and when the show building was demolished, did the AAs remain abandoned on stage similar to Buzzy and the Hypothalamus?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

S.I.R. the Robot

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S.I.R. ended up as Sergeant 90210 (wah wah waaaaah), and then he was skinned like Stitch and Skippy were. I just wish Disney could restore the animatronic to when it was S.I.R., send it to me, and I could try programming an AI of some kind into it, along with AI TTS made by feeding S.I.R.'s voice (along with Kilokahn and Dr. Pretorius) into machine learning. Can audio-animatronics be compatible with AI?

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