Where will LeBron James play next fall?


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He's a free agent.
He wants to live in an area that is good for his sons.
Any ideas who he might play for next year?
I'm hoping for the 76ers.

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Each potential team has warts. There is no perfect destination for him. This will shake out just like it did in Miami and his return to Cleveland. He'll bring people with him. He brought Bosh to join Wade, like he brought Love to join Kyrie.

Chris Paul can opt out. Paul George is a FA. There are rumblings Kawhi wants to get moved. This is why I feel Boston is a dark horse here.
No. Lebron will not play with Kyrie. But Boston would move Kyrie for Paul. (Especially if Houston is put in that position by Paul). Boston would move Hayward as well. They have a ton of leverage with future picks.

Imagine LeBron, Chris Paul, and maybe Kawhi on the Celtics teaming with Tatum, Brown and Horford. That's a team that could compete with GS immediately.


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Danny Ainge normally isn't one that will throw all of his eggs at the wall to make a huge move. He tries to look years down the road. Would he trade Kyrie for CP3 and try and make a huge move with Kawhi? That seems like quite a bold move for ole Danny boy to make.

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