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Where In Disney World Is The Best Disney Store


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If you are looking for any retro or classic themed items, you'll have to shop around. World of Disney has tons of stuff arrayed across many rooms but pretty much all of it is recent marketing campaigns or character items.

Emporium is great for MK themed items as is Mousegear for EPCOT. DHS and AK have their own themed items also, although the store names do not come to mind instantly.

You'll find many non-Disney items in resorts as well as the resort themed things. The store in Animal Kingdom Lodge seems to always have some great things to look at.

Downtown is the place to go for other generic Disney items. Christmas, toys, pets, art, books... You name it.

Sadly though, Disney shopping isn't what I remember it being 10+ years ago. My wife and I had to search for a number of hours to find quality gold Disney-themed rings for our wedding. We found some nice ones, with Mickey silhouettes, but it wasn't easy. And this was 5 years ago. Things have gotten more generic since. I can remember when a quality jewelry store wasn't that hard to find.

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