When to change overlapping accomodation bookings


‭Need some advice on how to handle two overlapping accomodation bookings.‬

‭We are coming for 10 nights in December and had hope to stay in the BLT for the duration. Knowing that BLT accomodation can be difficult to get, I booked in the Contemporary as a backup way before BLT had any availability. Since then I have been able to get the first 7 nights at the BLT but will need the last 3 nights at the Contemporary unless availability pops up at the BLT.‬

‭My questions revolve around not being able to extend at the BLT:‬
- ‭When should I modify the Contemporary booking to the shorter period?‬
- ‭If I was to make dining reservations on the Contemporary booking and then alter the reservation, would this canceling my dining reservations? Keen to maximise the 60+10 rule for ADR’s.‬
- ‭New complicated part is Genie+ having to be bought on the day. As we don’t visit very often we are happy to lock Genie+ in early and not have to worry about it on the day (one less hassle). So I am keen to keep our exisiting tickets with Genie+ already purchased. Obviously this decision has to be made before June 8.‬

‭Any advice on this situation would be greatly appreciated.‬

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